Welcome Your Guests in Style with the Amazing COOLTOP Coco Coir Bless This Hizzle Fo Shizzle Doormat



Make a bold statement and add a fun, stylish touch to your entryway with the COOLTOP Coco Coir Bless This Hizzle Fo Shizzle Doormat. This natural fiber doormat features a playful message in a cool retro font that is sure to make your guests chuckle. More than just a pretty design, this doormat is made to be durable, absorbent, and easy to clean.

All Natural Coconut Coir Fiber Material

The doormat is constructed from 100% coconut coir, a natural fiber derived from the outer husk of coconuts. Coconut coir is incredibly strong and durable, while also being naturally moisture wicking. This makes it perfect for trapping dirt, mud, snow, and other messes from shoes before they get tracked into your home. The thick 0.6 inch pile has a luxurious feel underfoot and does an excellent job of scraping debris off shoes.

Custom Non-Slip Rubber Backing

To keep the mat securely in place, it features a non-slip rubber backing. This textured material grips smooth flooring surfaces and prevents the mat from shifting around. You can confidently place it in high traffic areas without worry of tripping. The non-slip backing also makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Vibrant Long Lasting Colors

Available in a range of bright, vibrant color options, this doormat adds a pop of color to your entryway. The dyed coconut coir fibers maintain their rich hues even after heavy use and exposure to sunlight and moisture. Colors include:

Brick Red
Emerald Green
Navy Blue
Eggplant Purple
Charcoal Grey


With dimensions of 30 x 17 inches, this doormat is generously sized to handle high traffic areas. It’s large enough to wipe multiple pairs of shoes when greeting guests. The rectangular shape also allows it to fit nicely in front of doors without obstructing opening and closing.

Easy Maintenance

To clean the doormat, simply shake it out or hose it off to remove loose dirt. For a deeper clean, use a stiff brush and soap and water. The tightly woven coconut coir fibers won’t unravel or fall apart. minimal shedding may occur at first. With proper care, this doormat will last for years of daily use.

High Quality Construction

Crafted to the highest quality standards, this doormat will become a staple of your home decor. The coir fibers are precisely cut and woven to create a durable, dirt trapping surface. And the backing is firmly attached to prevent separation after repeated use. With proper care, it will retain its vibrancy and functionality for years to come.

Versatile Uses

This stylish doormat is perfect for:

Front porches
Back patios
Garage entrances
Laundry rooms
RV’s and campers
Use it anywhere you want to keep dirt contained. The charming design adds personality wherever it’s placed.

The Perfect Housewarming or Holiday Gift

Want an elegant, useful gift that will make them smile? The COOLTOP Coco Coir Bless This Hizzle Fo Shizzle Doormat is sure to delight. The combination of style, quality, and functionality makes it a gift they’ll appreciate for years to come. It’s a great idea for:

New home owners
College students in apartments
Graduates starting out on their own
Anyone looking to spruce up their entryway
With its natural fibers and charming retro font, this doormat is guaranteed to become a favorite part of their home.

Buy The COOLTOP Bless This Hizzle Fo Shizzle Doormat Today!

Give your entryway personality and keep your floors clean with this stylish and functional coconut coir doormat from COOLTOP. Place your order today to welcome guests in style to your home.


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