Upgrade Your Bar Stools with Heavy Duty Replacement Swivel Plates



Tired of wobbly bar stools that don’t spin smoothly? Replace old, worn out swivel plates with these heavy duty 6.25″ replacement swivel plates from chairpartsonline and give your bar stools new life! With quality construction and sturdy design, these replacement swivel plates provide the smooth, reliable spinning you expect from commercial quality bar stools.

Superior USA-Made Quality

These replacement swivel plates are proudly made in the USA with top notch materials. The 6.25″ square steel top and bottom plates provide maximum durability to handle frequent use at bars, restaurants, man caves, kitchen islands and more. At .375″ thick, these plates are substantially thicker than many swivel plates on the market today. The increased thickness improves sturdiness during use.

The round track utilizes high quality ball bearings so your stools glide effortlessly with a simple push or spin. The bearings are pre-lubricated as well, helping ensure smooth spins for years before maintenance is needed. With quality construction and materials, these swivel plates are built to last.

Universal Compatibility

The oval mount holes accommodate a wide variety of bar stool and chair mounting patterns. The .75″ long slotted screw holes allow you to mount this swivel plate to chairs and stools with square mounting patterns ranging from 5” to 5.5”.

No need to worry about perfectly aligning new and existing screw holes. The slotted ovals provide plenty of adjustment range. As long as your stool has a square bolt pattern in this range, these replacement swivel plates will work.

Full 360 Degree Spinning

A bar stool isn’t complete without a spinning swivel function! This replacement swivel plate provides reliable, smooth 360 degree spinning capabilities. The full ball bearing race enables effortless spins in any direction.

Give your existing bar stools new life with the smooth, lubricated spinning these heavy duty swivel plates provide. No more squeaks, squeals or getting stuck halfway through a spin.

Easy Bolt-On Installation

Installing these replacement swivel plates to upgrade your existing furniture takes just minutes. Simply line up your existing stool’s mounting holes with the slotted ovals and insert your existing bolts. Use the oval slots to fine tune the alignment as needed.

Once aligned, tighten down the bolts securely. And that’s it – you’ve just upgraded your stool with a heavy duty swivel plate designed for years of commercial quality use.

Upgrade Worn Out or Broken Swivel Plates

Has your bar stool’s swivel plate worn out over years of use? Are your chairs no longer spinning smoothly or at all? Simply remove the old swivel plate and bolt this commercial grade replacement swivel plate onto your existing furniture.

Don’t buy a whole new bar stool just because the spinning function stopped working properly. This easy bolt-on swivel plate replacement restores spinning as good as new. The heavy duty steel construction and pre-lubricated ball bearing race mean this replacement part will likely outlast the original.

Technical Specifications:

  • Constructed of thick, durable American steel – .375″ top & bottom plates
  • 6.25″ square top & bottom – substanitally larger than many replacement swivel plates
  • Oval mount holes (0.75″ long) fit 5″ to 5.5″ square bolt patterns
  • Lubricated ball bearing race for smooth, reliable spinning
  • Full 360 degree rotation capabilities
  • Simple bolt-on installation to existing bar stool
  • Made in the USA – premium materials & workmanship

Experience the Difference American Craftsmanship Makes

Don’t settle for flimsy imported swivel plates that fail after a short period. With American made quality, these heavy duty 6.25″ swivel plates will provide smooth, trouble-free spinning for years of daily use. The thick steel construction withstands heavy loads while the lubricated ball bearings ensure top notch spinning capabilities.

Refresh old, worn out furniture with the sturdy performance these replacement swivel plates deliver. For long lasting quality that handles frequent daily use, choose these American made bar stool swivel plates.

Add spin capability to chairs, stools, islands and more with these easy to install swivel plates. Simply bolt onto any furniture with a compatible square mounting pattern for smooth spinning functionality.

Any questions about compatibility or installation? Contact our customer service team. Our product experts are happy to assist with getting the right swivel plate for your application.

Upgrade your bar furniture with the smooth, long lasting spinning of these commercial grade American made replacement swivel plates. Order today and restore your bar stool’s spinning function!


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