Unlock Ultimate Gaming Comfort with the Cooler Master Caliber X2 Ergonomic Gaming Chair



Experience unrivaled comfort and next-level customization with the Cooler Master Caliber X2 gaming chair. Engineered for marathon gaming sessions and long workdays, this ergonomic chair boosts your performance by reducing fatigue.

Customized Comfort Just for You

The Caliber X2 adapts to your unique needs with customizable features including:

– Reclining Backrest: Freely adjust the backrest between 90-180° to find your perfect sitting angle. Lean back to relax during cutscenes or intense multiplayer matches.

– Height Adjustable: Raise or lower the seat height up to 4 inches with the precision class 4 gas lift. Find the ideal position to relieve pressure on your legs.

– Rotating Armrests: Pivot the armrests inward or outward to support your arms at the best angle. Rotate them out of the way if you need close access to your desk.

– Full 360° Swivel: Spin effortlessly in any direction to grab gear, snacks, or gaming accessories without straining your neck.

Superior Ergonomic Design

The Caliber X2’s ergonomic features reduce strain on your body to enhance comfort and safety:

– Contoured Lumbar & Head Pillows: Targeted support cradles your neck and lower back to alleviate pain and tension. The result is improved posture and less risk of injury.

– High-Density Molded Foam: The one-piece cold foam seat retains its supportive structure over years of use. Softer foam in the armrests creates a plush feel.

– Wide Seat & Backrest: With 21.7″ between armrests and a high backrest, the chair provides ample room to move freely.

Premium Materials for Durability

Built with high-quality components, the Caliber X2 is made to perform:

– Steel Frame: The heavy-duty steel frame forms a solid, stable base able to withstand up to 300 lb.

– Class 4 Hydraulic Lift: Tested for extreme reliability, the precision lift smoothly raises and lowers the seat.

– PU Leather Upholstery: Smooth PU leather resists wear and tear from daily use while providing a luxurious look and feel.

– Multi-Functional Base: The 5-point aluminum alloy base rolls smoothly on nylon casters and prevents tipping.

Unlock Your Full Gaming Potential

Don’t let an inadequate chair hold you back. The Cooler Master Caliber X2 gives you the customizable comfort and back support you need to game or work in peak form for hours on end.

Order the Caliber X2 today and experience the difference ergonomic design makes!


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