Transform Your Room with CAIYUECS Super Soft Shag Rug



Give your room a stylish makeover with the CAIYUECS super soft shag rug. This luxuriously soft rug feels great underfoot and brings a modern, cozy look to any space.

Ultra Plush for Comfort

Our shag rug is made with a velvety soft faux fur that feels amazing against your feet. The 1.4 inch high pile provides cushioning comfort that makes you want to sink your toes in every time you step on it. Both kids and adults will love lounging, playing, and walking on this ultra-soft rug.

The sponge interlayer gives the rug extra thickness and density, so it maintains its plushy feel even with frequent use. Whether you put it in a high traffic area or under your bed, this shag rug will stay super soft and comfortable for years to come.

Perfect for Any Room in Your Home

With its simple, minimalist style, this shag rug fits right in anywhere in your home. The neutral white color works with any color scheme, making it easy to match your existing decor. Use it to create a play space for kids, a cozy reading nook, a luxurious bedroom retreat, or a stylish accent for your living room.

Place it next to your bed so you can sink your feet into its soft fuzz first thing in the morning. The plush pile is perfect for playing on and makes a great surface for kids’ tent forts and play areas. In your living room, position it under your coffee table to define the sitting area with its rectangular shape.

Kid and Pet Friendly

This rug is ideal for homes with children and pets thanks to its incredibly soft, fuzzy pile that’s perfect for playing, lounging, and rolling around on. The velvety texture and neutral color help hide dirt, stains, and wear so it maintains its clean, fresh look even with heavy everyday use.

Kids will love playing games, building forts, or just snuggling up on this cushy soft rug. Pets will enjoy curling up and kneading this super plush rug. It’s soft enough for babies and young toddlers to crawl and play on.

Non-Skid Backing for Safety

To keep the rug securely in place, it features a non-skid rubber backing coated with thousands of grip dots. These help grab onto any floor surface to prevent shifting, wrinkling, and sliding. No need to worry about tripping on flipped up corners.

The non-slip backing makes this rug safe for high traffic areas and play spaces for kids and pets. Even if there’s a lot of activity on the rug, it will stay flat in place.

Easy Maintenance

While the rug is super soft, it’s also durable and easy to care for. Simply vacuum regularly with a low-power vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt trapped deep in the thick pile.

To freshen it up, occasionally wash the rug by hand with mild detergent and allow it to fully air dry. Avoid machine washing or drying to help maintain the rug’s softness and prevent shedding.

Spot cleaning with carpet cleaner and a damp towel takes care of spills and stains. Pet accidents on the rug can be cleaned up with an enzymatic pet odor eliminator.

Conveniently Shipped Vacuum Packed

To make shipping compact and efficient, the rug comes vacuum packed in a box. Just take it out and let it expand to full size within 2-3 days. The high-density rug materials spring back to their original lush thickness.

Once expanded, any creases smooth out quickly with regular use and vacuuming. You’ll enjoy this plushly soft rug for years thanks to the durable materials and quality construction.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to absolutely love your new super soft shag rug. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with the rug, just let us know and we will make it right.

We stand behind the quality of our rug and want you to have the best experience possible when shopping with us. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Enhance Your Space with Plush Softness

Refresh your decor and enjoy cushiony comfort with the CAIYUECS shag rug. Its incredibly soft faux fur pile and minimalist rectangular shape make it the perfect accent for a modern, inviting room. Kids and pets will spend hours playing, lounging, and cuddling on this fluffy soft rug.

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