Transform Your Home With The Multifunctional DCLRN Console Table



The stylish and versatile DCLRN Console Table is the perfect solution for maximizing storage and enhancing any space in your home. This narrow sofa table provides ample storage options in a compact footprint, making it ideal for small spaces and narrow hallways. With its elegant Euro-American style design, it brings aesthetic appeal while serving as a functional display and storage piece.

Sleek and Practical Storage Solution

This 3-layer split console table features a versatile open shelf design that is both beautiful and practical. The table top and two lower shelves provide plenty of space to store and display decor, books, photos, and more. You can stage items on each layer, using the console as a chic bookshelf or curio display in your living room, bedroom, office, or entryway.

The open storage design allows for easy access and visibility of your items. The bottom shelf sits just above floor level, keeping your belongings free from dust. This makes it perfect for display next to your sofa, behind it, or placed along a wall for a stylish storage solution.

Built to Fit Small Spaces

Measuring just 9.8″ deep and 31.5″ wide, this narrow hallway table is designed specifically for tight spaces and narrow areas. From cramped entryways to apartments and condos with limited room, this console effortlessly fits where many others will not. The scaled-down proportions still allow ample storage for maximum functionality.

The compact size also makes this the ideal armrest tray next to a couch or chair. It tucks neatly beside furniture to hold remotes, drinks, books, and more without crowding the area. For harder to decorate spaces like strange nooks or short walls, this console table brings both form and function.

Unique and Contemporary Style

This console table marries storage and display with distinctive style. The slender metal frame and sleek shelves have an airy, contemporary look. The crisp black finish gives it modern appeal that works well with a variety of decors from industrial to bohemian.

Integrated details add visual interest and dimension. The tabletop showcases beautifully joined beveled edges and crossbars underneath for architectural appeal. The lower shelves have decorative triangular supports and an open back to continue the airy, minimalist design. Effortlessly chic and crafted with care, this console elevates any room.

Sturdy, Durable, and Eco-Friendly

The DCLRN console table is expertly constructed from robust carbon steel for long-lasting durability. The powder coated finish helps resist scratches, fading, and rusting from daily use. It provides protection from moisture, making it suitable for humid areas like basements and bathrooms.

The environmentally friendly materials also make it safe to use around children and pets with no off-gassing or harsh chemicals. It adds function and artistry without polluting your indoor space. The neutral black finish blends into any color palette, adapting to your evolving style over the years.

Easy, Fast Assembly

Putting this console table together is simple with the included hardware and hex wrench. Most customers report assembling it in under 20 minutes. The shelves, legs, and braces all securely screw into place step-by-step per the instructions.

All necessary tools and pieces are provided for efficient assembly right out of the box. Reach out with any questions during the process, as customer service is available to solve any issues. Before you know it, you’ll be styling and storing to your heart’s content.

Versatile Uses Throughout Your Home

Entryway console – Store keys, bags, umbrellas, and shoes in a narrow hallway
Sofa table – Stage decor behind your couch or next to a chair
Bedroom nightstand – Extra surface for lamps, books, gadgets
Bathroom storage – Linens, toiletries, and towels organizer
Office workstation – Desk organization and display
Kitchen bar cart – Extra counter space and storage
Display shelving – Books, collections, photos, art
Small space solution – Fits in tight spaces as a wall console
Create an Inviting Entryway
Having a dedicated drop zone by the entry door keeps things neat while providing storage. Place this console table in your foyer or hallway to catch your daily items. Use the tabletop for an entryway mirror, basket for keys, tray for mails, and bowl for small accessories. The lower shelves keep bags, shoes, umbrellas, hats, and pet leashes organized right where you need them.

Complement Your Living Room
This console seamlessly fits into living room decor beside or behind your sofa. The tabletop holds sofa-side essentials – coasters, the remote, books, and your phone within arm’s reach. The lower levels keep media, extras remotes, throw blankets, and barware accessible but out of the way. Versatile to style neutrally or full of color and decor, this sofa console pulls the whole space together.

Enhance Bedroom Organization
In the bedroom, this console table gives you the extra surface you need, acting as a nightstand alternative. The tabletop is ideal for table lamps, books, alarm clocks, and your phone charger. The lower levels hold extra electronics, books, skincare products, and anything else you need within reach of the bed. It brings form and function to round out the space.

Maximize Bathroom or Laundry Storage
Searching for extra storage in the bathroom or laundry room? This console delivers! Tuck it neatly in the room to instantly add space for folded towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and laundry essentials. The multiple tiered shelves keep all your necessities visible but discreetly organized.

Create an Office Workstation
For a compact home office, this console table serves as a chic computer desk with storage. Place it against the wall, set your monitor on top, and use the lower shelves for your keyboard, printer, files, office supplies, and notebooks. The simple design keeps your work items organized to boost productivity.

Enhance Your Bar Space
In the kitchen or dining room, use this console table as a bar area. Sitting just above bar stool height, the tabletop becomes the perfect stand-in bartop for drink mixing and serving. The lower levels of shelving store glassware, bartending supplies, and alcohol organized yet on display. When not in use, it seamlessly blends into the existing decor.

Display Your Collections
The multi-layered shelves of this table are ideal for displaying your favorite collections. Show off your vintage cameras, succulent plants, puzzle collection, snow globe collection, or homemade pottery. The open shelves let you arrange your collectibles at different heights for a visually appealing exhibit.

Make the Most of Small Spaces
This narrow console table transforms awkward small spaces into functional storage. Tuck it into a hallway nook, unused corner of the bedroom, or next to an entrance in a studio apartment. The compact size fits nearly anywhere, solving storage problems and adding style simultaneously. Make the most of challenging layouts and tiny homes.

Quality That Lasts for Years
Built to last for years beyond the trends, this console table’s timeless style and sturdy steel construction are made to endure. The powder coated finish prevents rust, wear, and chipping even with heavy use. Designed to assemble firmly and remain stable, this console withstands daily life. The high-quality table resists damage so you can enjoy it for years to come.

DCLRN: Setting the Standard for Style and Function
DCLRN is committed to designing furniture that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and quality craftsmanship. Their collection offers timeless, affordable pieces made from durable materials that stand the test of life. Their team delivers excellent service that goes beyond the initial sale, staying committed to full customer satisfaction. Bring reliable style, storage, and quality into your home with DCLRN.


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