Transform Your Event with Elegant White Chair Covers – 50 Pack



Make an impression at your next special occasion with these elegant white chair covers from Bricia. With 50 covers in each pack, you can easily outfit chairs for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, banquets, and more. The sleek white color effortlessly matches any decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your event.

Made of High-Quality Spandex for a Perfect Fit

These chair covers are constructed from thick, elastic spandex that conforms nicely to your chairs. The fabric contains plenty of stretch to ensure a secure fit on a variety of standard folding chairs without worrying about loose spots or gaps. Thanks to the snug fit, the covers stay neatly in place throughout your event without shifting around.

The spandex fabric is also durable to withstand repeat use. Simply wipe down the covers after use to restore their clean white look each time.

Safety Features to Protect Your Chairs

The chair covers offer more than just stylish good looks. The spandex helps protect your chairs from spills, scuffs, and other wear and tear. Rather than directly contacting the chair, food, moisture, and dirt hit the chair cover instead to keep chairs looking their best.

The covers also have an elasticized footer that tucks securely under the chair legs. This keeps the spandex taut across the entire seat and backrest while also preventing the cover from riding up. With the footer in place, chairs remain fully covered and protected.

Quick and Easy to Put On and Take Off

Thanks to the stretch fabric, these chair covers slip on and off easily and quickly. Covering rows of chairs for a large event takes minimal time and effort. Simply expand the cover, place it over the chair top, and stretch into place. The spandex conforms to the shape for a smooth look.

After the event ends, removing the chair covers is just as simple. The spandex releases from the chairs without hassle so you can quickly clear up.

Care and Reuse Instructions

Proper care enables you to reuse these chair covers again and again. Either hand wash gently or machine wash the covers in cold water on a delicate cycle. Allow them to air dry rather than placing wet covers into the dryer.

With these easy care steps, the white chair covers retain their stretch and luster event after event. You can get continual use out of this 50 pack set.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere for Guests

These chair covers instantly elevate your space, whether indoors or outdoors. The clean white look gives your chairs a unified, cohesive style that looks classy yet understated. Guests will feel welcomed when chairs have a polished, decorated appearance.

Having slipcovers also encourages guests to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about wear and tear on your chairs. The chair covers handle the brunt of spills, scuffs, and dirt throughout your event.

Affordable Chair Cover Solution

This 50 pack of chair covers enables you to add a professional decorative touch without overspending. The set provides enough covers for outfitting a medium to large-sized event space at an affordable price point.

Compared to higher priced options, these spandex chair covers offer similar protection, ease of use, and decorative appeal. Their simplicity also allows them to match any theme or wedding color scheme.

Give your next event a cohesive, stylish look with this 50 pack of white folding chair covers from Bricia. Their protective and decorative features ensure your chairs stay beautiful event after event.


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