Transform Your Bathroom with This Dual-Lit LED Mirror – CHARMOR 20×28 Framed LED Mirror for Bathroom



Tired of squinting into a dim, foggy mirror after a steamy shower? Upgrade your bathroom with the CHARMOR 20×28 Framed LED Mirror, featuring dual lighting that eliminates shadows and fog. This stylish black framed mirror will make your morning routine easy and enjoyable.

The CHARMOR mirror has customizable front lighting and backlighting, so you can achieve perfect visibility for grooming tasks. The front-facing LEDs provide bright task lighting, while the backlights illuminate the mirror’s surface evenly. Adjust the color temperature from warm white to natural daylight to crisp white light.

With the included remote control, you can dim the LED brightness from a faint glow up to 100% intensity. Set your ideal lighting level and have it turn on automatically each time. No more blinding brightness first thing in the morning!

This smart mirror also has an integrated defogger – perfect for humid bathrooms. The defogger quickly dissipates condensation so you can see yourself clearly after a hot shower. It turns on automatically when vapor is detected, or you can activate it manually as needed.

Made with 5mm thick tempered glass, this shatterproof mirror is safer than regular glass. It’s coated to resist corrosion for long-lasting clarity. The sturdy aluminum frame gives a clean, modern look and makes this LED mirror easy to mount.

Installation is a breeze with the included hardware. The CHARMOR mirror can be installed vertically or horizontally. Hardwire it directly into your electrical system, or use the plug-in cord if there’s an outlet nearby.

With a sleek black frame that matches any decor, this LED mirror provides the perfect focal point above bathroom sinks. Illuminate your face evenly while getting ready in the mornings. The anti-fog feature keeps the view clear after steamy showers.

At 20 inches high by 28 inches wide, this frameless mirror is sized right for single sinks. Larger sizes are also available to fit double vanities.

Give your bathroom a spa-like feel with brilliant customizable lighting. The CHARMOR LED mirror makes a gorgeous upgrade to any bathroom. Order today to enjoy a fog-free, illuminated view while you get ready for your day or wind down at night.

Key Features

  • Front-facing LED lighting provides task lighting for grooming
  • Backlights illuminate the mirror’s surface evenly with no harsh reflections
  • Customize color temperature from warm white to natural to crisp white light
  • Use included remote to dim LED brightness up to 100%
  • Integrated defogger prevents fog and condensation
  • Tempered glass construction is shatterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Modern black aluminum frame complements any decor
  • Plugs into outlet or can be hardwired into electrical system
  • Measures 20 inches high x 28 inches wide – suitable for single sinks
  • Easy installation with included mounting hardware

Customize Your Lighting for the Perfect View

What sets the CHARMOR LED mirror apart is the adjustable dual lighting. Both warm backlights and bright front lights let you customize the lighting so you can see your face accurately.

The backlighting illuminates the mirror’s surface evenly from behind for soft, shadow-free visibility. No more squinting at a dim vanity mirror! The LEDs are calibrated for optimal true-color rendering.

Meanwhile, the front-facing LEDs provide perfect visibility for close-up grooming tasks like applying makeup or shaving. Brighten up your countertop as you get ready for work or a night out.

Use the included remote control to change the color temperature anytime. Choose from:

  • Warm white (3000K) – perfect for winding down before bed
  • Natural white (4000K) – simulates natural daylight
  • Cool white (6000K) – provides the brightest crisp light for daytime

In addition to selecting the color, you can use the remote to smoothly dim the LED brightness up or down from 20% to 100%. Find your ideal lighting level and program it to turn on automatically each time the mirror is switched on.

With this smart mirror, you’ll always see your true reflection clearly – no more guessing!

Defogger Keeps Your View Crystal Clear

Nothing’s worse than peering into a fogged-up bathroom mirror after a hot shower. No matter how much you swipe the surface, the condensation comes right back!

The CHARMOR mirror solves this problem with an integrated defogger. When vapor is detected, it automatically activates a heating element behind the glass. This gradually dissipates the condensation so you can see yourself clearly again.

The auto-defogger feature detects even the slightest bit of fog and clears it up fast. Or press the defogger button on the remote whenever needed.

Say goodbye to foggy mirror struggles first thing in the morning. Now your view will stay clear no matter how hot your shower was. Spend that time perfecting your look instead of wiping the mirror!

Safe, Shatterproof Tempered Glass

Safety is key when choosing a new mirror. Bathrooms can be hazardous places, especially for kids and seniors. That’s why the CHARMOR mirror is made with tempered glass instead of regular fragile glass.

Tempered glass is treated with heat or chemicals to make it up to 5x stronger than ordinary glass. If broken, it shatters into small pebble-like pieces instead of sharp shards. This prevents serious injuries.

The tempered glass is corrosion-resistant to maintain its clarity over years of bathroom humidity and steam. Between the durability and anti-fog coating, you’ll enjoy a spotless reflective surface every day.

The sleek matte black aluminum frame provides a clean, modern look. Its durability complements the tough tempered glass. Together, they ensure this LED mirror will hold up well for years in your bathroom.

Easy Installation Above Any Vanity

With its moderate 20×28 inch size, the CHARMOR mirror is ideal for single sink vanities. It provides ample lighting over one narrow counter space.

Larger options like 24×36 or 48×40 inches are available from CHARMOR for double vanity installation. There are also styles with side LED panels to brighten a wider area.

Choose the best size to illuminate your counters and face evenly. Then install it easily with the included metal mounting brackets. The horizontal or vertical mounting flexibility allows you to position the mirror just right.

If you have an existing light fixture over the sink, this LED mirror installs neatly around it. The plug-in cord allows you to connect to a nearby outlet. Or you can hardwire it directly into your bathroom’s electrical system for a seamless look.

With minimal tools required, you can install this mirror as a DIY project. It takes less than an hour to enhance your bathroom with brilliant dual lighting.

Indulge in a Spa-Like Ambiance Daily

Treat yourself to a little luxury every morning with this illuminated LED mirror. The customizable lights create a high-end spa vibe in your own bathroom.

You’ll look forward to starting each day with perfect visibility as you get ready. Wind down each evening under your customized lighting as well.

Family and guests will be impressed by the hotel-like feel too! No matter your bathroom’s style, the modern black frame fits right in.

Upgrade your space with brilliant illumination that makes daily grooming a pleasure. Order the CHARMOR 20×28 dual-lit LED mirror today to enhance your routines.


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