Transform Any Wall into Stylish Storage with BIXIRAO DIY Pipe Shelf Brackets



Tired of cluttered counters and floors? Running out of storage space? The BIXIRAO DIY Pipe Shelf Brackets are the perfect solution to maximize your wall space while adding industrial flair to any room. Made of sturdy cast iron, these versatile shelves can hold up to 88 lbs on each tier, providing ample storage for books, decor, kitchenware, and more.

With a vintage plumbing pipe design, these shelves will bring a trendy, urban look to your home. The matte black finish gives them a sophisticated, timeless style that works with any decor from farmhouse to modern. Arrange them in your kitchen for cookbooks and spices, in the office for files and supplies, or in the bathroom for towels and toiletries. Place them vertically or horizontally – the possibilities are endless!


Multi-Tiered Storage: With 4 shelves, this unit provides ample space to organize and display items while keeping them within reach. Perfect for freeing up precious counters and tabletops.

Durable Iron Construction: Built to last, the solid iron frame provides sturdy support for years of reliable use. Each shelf can hold up to 88 lbs!

Industrial Style: The retro plumbing pipe design brings loft-inspired character to any space. Matte black finish gives them a modern, sophisticated look.

Flexible Configuration: Arrange the shelves vertically or horizontally to best suit your space. Install as a set or scatter them individually where you need storage.

Wall Mounted: Mounts directly to the wall to save floor space. Easy to install – just screw into wall studs.

DIY Friendly: Shelf brackets come ready to assemble. Just add your own shelf planks up to 12” wide (sold separately).

Multi-Purpose Storage Solution

Short on space? The BIXIRAO shelf brackets maximize vertical storage, keeping items neatly organized and freeing up precious floor space. Mount them on the wall or inside cabinets to take advantage of normally unused areas.

Kitchen: Free up counter space by storing cookbooks, baking pans, spices, plates, mugs and more.

Bathroom: Corral towels, toiletries, first aid supplies and cleaning products.

Garage: Organize tools, gloves, paint cans and outdoor gear.

Office: Store files, books, supplies and printers. Great for a craft room too!

Dorm Room: Maximize every inch in a small dorm with vertical storage for clothes, shoes, toiletries, snacks, school supplies and decor.

Bedroom: Display books, photos and collectibles. Use over desk for office supplies.

Wherever you need extra storage, these industrial pipe shelves provide an eye-catching solution to clutter!

Easy DIY Assembly

With simple installation, you can create custom shelving tailored to your space.

What’s Included:
4 cast iron shelf brackets
Mounting hardware

To Assemble:

Determine desired location and shelf orientation. Use a stud finder to mark stud locations.
Hold shelf bracket against wall at desired height. Mark holes.
Pre-drill holes into studs using a 3/16” drill bit.
Use a screwdriver to insert mounting screws through shelf bracket holes into wall studs.
Repeat process to mount all brackets. Make sure they are level.
Cut desired width planks (not included) to fit brackets. Rest planks on brackets to complete your shelf.
For best results, use 1.18 inch thick planks 12 inches wide or less. Stagger planks across shelves for optimal support.

With easy installation, you can customize these shelves to match your space. Get creative mixing shelf heights, orientations, and plank lengths.

Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from solid cast iron, these brackets are made to withstand everyday use. The rigid plumbing pipe design provides superior stability so items stay securely in place.

The durable black finish resists rust, fingerprints, and scratches. Built to handle wear and tear, these shelves will maintain their handsome looks for years to come. No need to worry about sagging, bending or breaking.

The heavy duty iron brackets offer industrial style strength. Each can hold up to 88 pounds when properly installed into wall studs.

Confidently store heavy books, pots and pans, or even small appliances without fear of the shelves buckling. The sturdy support will prevent accidents and damage.

Choose quality BIXIRAO shelves for storage that will last for years in any room.

Love Your Purchase or Your Money Back

We want you to absolutely love your pipe shelf brackets. That’s why we back them with a 3-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, return for a full refund – no questions asked. We stand behind our quality and craftsmanship.

Get stylish, sturdy storage and free up your space with the BIXIRAO DIY Pipe Shelf Brackets. With easy installation, industrial style, and durable iron construction, these shelves are the perfect solution for maximizing vertical storage in any room.

Buy now to add rustic charm while organizing your home!


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