Transform Any Space with the CHOSENM 3 Panel Folding Privacy Screen



Need to carve out a private workspace in an open floorplan home or office? Want to divide a large room into separate functional areas? Or maybe you just need a backdrop for video calls that keeps background distractions out of sight. Whatever your needs, the CHOSENM 3 Panel Folding Privacy Screen is the versatile and elegant solution. With its clean, minimalist style and neutral gray color, this freestanding room divider complements any existing decor while creating new possibilities for how you use your space.

Multipurpose Design Matches Any Decor

With dimensions of 71.3” H x 102” W when fully extended, this three panel folding screen makes a bold statement as a room divider while still fitting nicely in most spaces. The crisp, simple lines and neutral gray polyester fabric give an upscale look that works with modern and traditional decor alike. Easily define separate zones in open concept homes or workspaces, carve out a home office area, or use as a backdrop for video calls to keep distractions out of sight.

Whether you need temporary separation or want to establish permanent divided spaces, this standing partition gives you the flexibility to customize your layout. Use one, two, or all three panels together in various configurations to create precisely the division and privacy you need in any given moment.

Sets Up in Minutes with No Tools Required

Designed for quick and easy use, the CHOSENM 3 panel room divider assembles in minutes with no tools required. The sturdy iron frame on each panel securely latches together with a simple hook and loop system. Just unfold the hinged frames, connect the panels, and your new beautiful screen is ready to help you maximize your square footage.

When it’s time to take it down or move it to a new spot, the free-standing divider collapses flat just as easily. The three 33.9” wide panels fold into a compact 17.5” width, ready to tuck out of the way in a closet or corner. With a lightweight frame, you can even remove the fabric panels for easier portability if needed.

Sturdy Enough for Real Privacy Yet Lightweight To Move

With a durable iron frame, this divider screen creates an effective visual barrier while still allowing airflow throughout your space. The rigid panels won’t bend, sag, or topple over like some fabric room dividers. Generous height measuring 71.3” ensures full privacy for adults without making you feel closed in.

Despite the solid construction, the three-panel screen remains lightweight enough for one person to set up, take down, or reposition as needed. Keep it in one place or move it to where you need it at the moment. Use it to temporarily divide an open room for a dinner party then store it out of sight afterwards. Or start your day defining your workspace in a shared home office, then move it to the bedroom at night for a peaceful backdrop during video calls with friends.

Water Resistant, Easy-Clean Fabric

Durability and ease of care make this divider a smart choice for real life. The 180g polyester fabric offers water resistance, so you don’t have worry about spills and splashes. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed to keep the neutral gray looking fresh. No special care or dry cleaning needed!

Thoughtful details like tightly sewn seams prevent light gaps for better privacy. And with no metal edges exposed, you can use this screen without risk of snagging clothes or skin.

Create Separate Spaces to Enhance Your Life

With its versatile styling and smart design, the CHOSENM 3 Panel Folding Privacy Screen enhances any room by optimizing your usable space:

Define a peaceful home office space or video call backdrop in a bedroom, living area, or open concept home
Divide a large multipurpose room to create designated areas for work, dining, play space, etc.
Add a wall to carve out quiet study or reading nooks
Use behind sofas or beds to reduce visual clutter
Create a photography backdrop or movable tradeshow display
Define private spaces in restaurant seating areas, hair salons, spas, gyms, stores, etc.
Add a screen behind altars or speaking podiums at events
Provide privacy for quick changes at performances, weddings, conferences, etc.
Separate workstations in open offices or cubicles
Clean lines and neutral colors keep this versatile 3 panel partition fitting in seamlessly wherever you need extra privacy, while the folding hinged design ensures quick setup and easy repositioning. Durable iron provides stability while water-resistant fabric allows for simple care.

Give your space the flexible divisions it needs while complementing your decor with the CHOSENM Folding 3 Panel Privacy Screen today!


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