The Perfect Trash Can Solution for Small Spaces



Tired of bulky trash cans that take up too much space? Searching for the ideal narrow wastebasket to fit in tight spots? Look no further than the Doyingus Small Bathroom Wastebasket. This innovative slim trash bin provides the perfect garbage solution for apartments, dorms, RVs, offices, and anywhere space is limited.

With a width of just 7 inches, this rectangular wastebasket easily slides into tight gaps between furniture, appliances, and fixtures. No more awkward, oversized trash cans jammed into undersized areas. The Doyingus trash can’s slim profile lets you conveniently tuck it beside toilets, under sinks and counters, inside cabinets and closets, behind doors, and anywhere you need compact garbage storage.

Despite its narrow design, this space-saving garbage bin doesn’t skimp on capacity. It can hold up to 2 gallons of trash – plenty of room for bathroom tissues, Q-tips, product packaging, food wrappers, and other everyday waste items. The rectangular shape also maximizes internal storage space.

This versatility makes the Doyingus slim trash can an ideal garbage solution for so many needs:

In the Bathroom: Tuck beside the toilet or under the sink to free up floor space while keeping waste neatly contained.

In the Kitchen: Slide under counters, into corners, or between appliances for convenient, out of sight garbage holding.

In the Office: Put under desks or slip into filing cabinets to clear clutter while keeping trash handy.

In the Bedroom: Install under nightstands or next to dressers to organize waste without taking up valuable floor real estate.

In the Dorm: Keep by beds, desks, or wardrobes to maintain a tidy space in cramped quarters.

In the RV: Mount in tight spaces between furniture or appliances to hold trash during travel.

For Events: Use in buffet lines, under drink tables, next to food stations to discretely manage event waste.

With so many clever ways to utilize this space-saving wastebasket, the organizing possibilities are endless!


Premium Construction – Made from durable plastic that easily wipes clean and resists wear, stains, cracks, rust, and mildew. Built to last through years of regular use.

2 Gallon Capacity – Provides plenty of room for bathroom, kitchen, office, or bedroom trash needs. Rectangular shape maximizes storage space.

Ultra-Slim 7″ Width – Fits into the tightest spaces between furniture, fixtures, and appliances. Also slides conveniently under counters and cabinets.

Double-Layer Design – Interior bucket helps hide trash bags for a tidier, cleaner look.

Open Top – No lid to open, just toss trash right in. Wide opening accommodates larger waste items.

Carrying Handle – Built-in cutouts on the sides allow for easy portability around the room or house.

Stable Base – Flat bottom keeps wastebasket firmly planted in position. Will not easily tip over.

Quick Wipe Cleaning – Smooth plastic construction can be cleaned with just a damp cloth for quick, easy maintenance.

Neutral White Color – Subtle, clean aesthetic blends seamlessly into any home or office decor.

Lightweight – Weighs less than 2 pounds for easy handling, moving, and mounting.

Versatile Mounting – Integrated side slots allow wastebasket to be mounted on walls or inside cabinets with screws or adhesive strips (not included).

With this smartly engineered slim trash can, you can finally reclaim those awkward narrow spaces wasted by bulky conventional garbage bins. Its ultra-slim profile, premium quality, and versatile mounting options let you install convenient, out of sight waste storage in places you never thought possible. Durable, sturdy, and easy to maintain, the Doyingus small bathroom wastebasket will provide the perfect compact trash solution for years to come.

Stop struggling with oversized, improperly fitting garbage cans! Order the ingeniously slim Doyingus wastebasket now to unlock clever new waste storage possibilities all over your home.


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