Take the Guesswork Out of Cooking with the Chef iQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer



Discover a smarter, easier way to get perfectly cooked meals every time with the Chef iQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer. This innovative cooking thermometer takes all the guesswork out of grilling, baking, roasting, smoking, and more by monitoring your food’s temperature from start to finish so you’ll never have to worry about under or overcooking again.

With the ultra-thin food probe and unlimited WiFi range, the Chef iQ allows you to walk away from the stove, oven, grill or smoker while still keeping an eye on your food. The free Chef iQ app sends updates straight to your phone with alerts when food has reached the perfect temperature or needs your attention. Plus, the Smart Hub acts as a command center right in your kitchen, providing voice alerts on cooking progress through its built-in speaker.

Key Features:

Guaranteed Perfect Results Every Time

The highly accurate sensors monitor internal meat, poultry, and fish temperatures down to the exact degree and send alerts when food is ready to be flipped, basted, or removed from heat. Take the guesswork and stress out of cooking and say goodbye to over or undercooked meals.

Ultra-Thin Probe Leaves Food Intact

The super thin 3.5mm probe allows you to monitor cooking without creating a large hole that causes juices to escape. Keep all those delicious natural flavors inside your meat or poultry as it cooks.

Unlimited Range Wireless Monitoring

Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity lets you roam up to 800ft away from your grill or oven while still tracking your cook. Perfect for multitasking between kitchen and outdoor grill or when slow cooking for long periods of time.

Smart Hub Acts as Your Cooking Command Center

The sleek hub receives and relays real-time temperature alerts and notifications from up to 3 meat probes at once. It features a digital display, built-in speaker for voice alerts, and safely stores probes when not in use.

Advanced Chef iQ App

Monitor cooking remotely and access hundreds of guided cooking presets for foods like beef, poultry, lamb, fish and more. An interactive cooking guide provides tips and recommendations for achieving moisture, texture and flavor perfection.

Cook Like a Pro with Smart Features

From grilling juicy steaks in the backyard to roasting the holiday turkey, the Chef iQ Meat Thermometer takes the stress and uncertainty out of cooking. Here are just a few of the smart features that help you achieve restaurant-quality results at home:

Precision Accuracy

Advanced internal sensors accurately measure temperatures from -22°F to 572°F (-30°C to 300°C) within 1°F/0.5°C so you’ll have perfect doneness from edge to edge.

Temperature Range Customization

Customize the exact temperature range for your desired level of rareness for steaks and other meats or select from preset temperature guides.

Monitoring for Multiple Foods

Up to 3 food probes can be monitored at once so you can keep track of a whole meal. Great for smoking multiple racks of ribs or roasting meat and side dishes.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive app and digital display provides real-time tracking in a clear, user-friendly format. Easy to monitor even when juggling multiple dishes.

Hands-Free Operation

Once your food is on the heat, you can step away and go about your business while still knowing exactly what’s happening with your cook.

Out of Range/Connection Lost Alerts

If you do happen to wander too far out of the Bluetooth and WiFi range, the system will notify you that the connection was lost so you can get back in range.

Probe Fault Detection

Sensors automatically detect abnormalities with the probes and will alert you if there is a problem so you can take action promptly.

Usage Tips and Guidance

The app provides helpful usage recommendations for optimal positioning of the probes in different foods along with guided cooking instructions.

Take the Stress Out and Put the Joy Back in Cooking

Grilling and cooking should be fun, relaxed, and full of flavor. With the revolutionary Chef iQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer, you can enjoy the cooking process again and skip the poking, prodding, and paranoia about under or overcooking.

Monitor your food’s progress from anywhere and keep that spectacular sear or crust going while cooking the inside to juicy, mouthwatering perfection every time. From backyard barbecues to holiday feasts, this wireless thermometer has you covered with the technology and smart features to cook like a pro.

Stop settling for overdone, dry meat or unsafe undercooked food. Take the guesswork out of cooking and enjoy more confident, enjoyable time in the kitchen with Chef iQ!


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