Store Your Media Collection in Style with the Bivisen DVD Wallet



Take your DVD and CD collection on the go with the Bivisen DVD Case Wallet. This convenient organizer holds up to 96 discs, keeping them protected and organized in a compact case.

The durable plastic construction ensures this wallet will last for years. The interior features designated slots to hold each disc in place, while the zipper closure keeps everything secure. High-quality materials like moisture-resistant PP film and non-woven fabric add extra protection against dust, scratches, and damage.

Choose from 15 stylish colors to coordinate with your style. The slim profile takes up minimal space in your bag or luggage, making it perfect for travel and storage at home. The lightweight design is easy to grab and go when you’re heading out the door.

Take your media collection anywhere with the quality and convenience of the Bivisen DVD Wallet. With space for 96 CDs or DVDs, your favorite albums and movies can always come along for the ride.


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