Stop Mattress Sliding with Cleaniago Non Slip Mattress Gaskets



Keep your mattress securely in place and prevent it from shifting with the Cleaniago Non Slip Mattress Gaskets. These handy mattress holders easily insert into the sides of your bed frame to create a barrier that keeps your mattress snugly in position. No more waking up to find your mattress has slid halfway off the frame or leaving gaps along the edges.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Mattress Movement

A sliding and shifting mattress can disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling tired. It also reduces the usable mattress area since the edges hang over the bed frame. With the Cleaniago Mattress Gaskets, you can stop this annoying issue once and for all.

The thickened steel plates securely grip the bed frame while providing a snug hold against the mattress edges. Just slide the gaskets into the side rails of your bed frame to create a strong barrier that keeps the mattress firmly in place all night long. No more mattress slippage or loss of sleep!

Universal Compatibility for Most Bed Frames

Cleaniago designed these mattress holders to work with most metal bed frames. The gaskets measure 25 mm wide, making them compatible with side rails up to 0.98 inches wide. Simply check that your bed frame bars fit within this width range before ordering.

With easy and quick installation into the side rails, you can add these anti-slip gaskets to bed frames with a center support, open slats, or a solid platform base. They help keep any mattress like innerspring, latex, memory foam, and hybrid securely in position.

Premium Steel Construction for Durability

Built to last, these mattress holders stand up to nightly use without fail. Cleaniago constructs them from thickened steel plates that will not bend, deform or rust over time. The high-quality steel provides a sturdy grip and impressive strength to keep your mattress stable indefinitely.

Four small tabs on the exterior add extra grip power against the mattress while holding the gasket firmly in place. With care, these mattress baffles can serve you for years to come, preventing mattress slippage and frustration.

Full Set for Full Protection

Get comprehensive protection against a shifting mattress with a complete set of 6 mattress holders. Install one on each corner of the bed frame for 360-degree mattress security.

The full coverage keeps the mattress from sliding on all sides or walking away from the headboard. Plus, with gaskets on every side, you get a snug fit that prevents light from peeking through or bedding from getting caught in gaps.

Easy and Convenient Installation

Putting these Cleaniago mattress gaskets to work takes just minutes. Simply slide each steel plate into the bed frame side rails, flat edge first. The gasket will click into place and stay firmly wedged inside the bar.

No tools or hardware needed for installation. Just insert by hand for a quick mattress fix that is completely hassle-free. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your mattress will stay safely in place night after night.

Protect Your Investment and Rest Easy

Don’t put up with a mattress that slides and shifts on your bed frame. This problem can interrup your sleep, damage the mattress edges, and create an annoying gap between the mattress and headboard. With Cleaniago Mattress Gaskets, you can protect your mattress investment while creating a safe, stable sleep surface.

Get better rest on a firmly secured mattress and no more waking up to annoying mattress slippage. Order the Cleaniago Non Slip Mattress Gaskets now to stop mattress sliding for good!


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