Stand Tall and Reach Far with The Convenient Delxo Step Stool



Do you struggle to reach high shelves or cabinets? Are you tired of dragging around heavy, bulky step stools? Introducing the innovative Delxo Folding Step Stool, the convenient folding solution for indoor and outdoor accessibility.

This brilliantly designed step stool packs all the strength and durability of larger models into a lightweight, compact size. The Delxo supports up to 300 pounds, providing a sturdy step up for people of all ages and sizes. Despite its rugged build, the entire stool weighs under 3 pounds and folds down to just 1.2 inches wide for space-saving storage anywhere from the kitchen pantry to the trunk of your car.

Sturdy Support You Can Count On

Built from strong plastic that passed CPSC safety certification testing, the Delxo step stool provides reliable stability. The reinforced hinges connect the anti-slip grip-dot textured stepping surface to the non-skid rubberized base, keeping the stool firmly planted on the ground. The handy fold-down handle not only makes the Delxo easy to carry, it adds an extra stabilizing grip while in use.

When standing on the 13 inch high Delxo, the roomy 14 x 11 inch platform gives you secure footing. The stool easily holds up to 300 pounds without buckling or wobbling, providing sturdy support for people of all sizes.

Protects Against Slips and Falls

Standing on a stool to reach high places can be risky, but the Delxo is thoughtfully designed to prevent slips and falls. The textured stepping surface and rubberized base keep the stool from sliding out from under you. The rounded corners eliminate bruise-causing sharp edges.

The fold-down handle gives you an extra grasp on the stool as you step up and down. Leave the handle up while using it as a handy grab bar for extra stability. Everything about the Delxo stool is made to minimize the chance of accidents.

Folds Down Small To Store Anywhere

Tucking a bulky step stool away between uses can be frustrating, taking up precious space in your pantry or closet. But the Delxo solves that problem by folding down to a mere 1.2 inches wide. Just flip the easy release hinges and the stool collapses for compact storage on a shelf, under the sink, or even under your car seat.

Weighing less than 3 pounds, the Delxo is lightweight and portable. Take it camping to easily access your roof rack, keep it in your recreational vehicle for handy height wherever you go, or store it in your bathroom cabinet for a safer step up to the sink. The slim folded profile lets you stow this step stool just about anywhere.

The Multi-Purpose Stool You’ll Use Every Day

A step stool is one of those simple accessories that comes in handy day after day. The Delxo enables you to easily:

  • Reach items on high shelves
  • Access kitchen cabinets and pantries
  • Change light bulbs
  • Hang decorations and curtains
  • Paint walls and ceilings
  • Clean hard to reach areas
  • And much more!

Keep a Delxo folding step stool in every room of the house and garage so you always have safe and convenient access for a variety of daily tasks. It provides just the right amount of lift for most standard height surfaces and shelves.

The Delxo is also great for kids to safely reach bathroom and kitchen sinks for hand washing and tooth brushing independence. Non-slip and tip resistant, this sturdy stool gives parents peace of mind while teaching self-care skills.

Order The All-Purpose Folding Step Stool Today

Never struggle to reach that top shelf again! The Delxo Folding Step Stool provides secure, stable footing on a budget-friendly solution. Order now and get this must-have home helper on its way to make everyday tasks just a little bit easier.


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