Showcase Your Favorite DVDs, Video Games, and Records with the CollectorMount DVD Mount



You’ve spent years accumulating an impressive collection of DVDs, video games, records, and other prized possessions. Now it’s time to proudly display your most cherished items for all to see! With the CollectorMount DVD Mount, you can elegantly exhibit your treasures without covering up the incredible cover art.

This innovative DVD mount is made of high-quality clear plastic that enables you to prominently feature your DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, and records while keeping the artwork completely visible. No more stacking your prized collectibles in a messy pile or cramming them tightly together on a shelf. The CollectorMount allows each item to stand out on its own so visitors can fully appreciate every detail.

Adjustable to Fit a Wide Variety of Items

Not all collectibles are created equal. That’s why the CollectorMount is adjustable from 6.25″ to 9″, accommodating items up to 1″ thick. Whether you’re displaying standard DVD and Blu-Ray cases, bulky video game boxes, or vintage 45 records, this mount has you covered. The adjustable design ensures a secure, custom fit for each of your possessions. No more floppy mounts that fail to properly grip what you place in them!

Mount It On The Wall or Display On A Shelf

The innovative two-in-one design of the CollectorMount gives you options for showcasing your collection. Use the integrated keyhole cutout and included hardware to mount the CollectorMount securely on the wall. This allows you to create dazzling wall displays that add a touch of flair to any room.

If you prefer shelving, the CollectorMount works equally well. The bottom is flat with non-skid padding to keep it firmly in place on any shelf. Wherever you choose to exhibit your prized items, you can rest assured the mount will keep them safe and secure.

Quick and Easy 3-Step Assembly

Who has time for complicated assembly instructions? Not you! The CollectorMount was designed for quick and frustration-free setup. In just three easy steps you’ll be ready to load your treasured possessions into these displays.

  1. Adjust the sides to fit the item you’re mounting
  2. Align the hinged back support piece
  3. Lock everything securely into place

In less than 5 minutes you can be showcasing your most impressive collectibles. With an intuitive design that doesn’t require tools or excessive effort, you can spend more time admiring your collection and less time struggling with confusing instructions.

Complete Your Collection Display

For the ultimate collectible display, pair the CollectorMount with other products in the Mount collection:

  • Comic Mount – For comic books, graphic novels, and magazines
  • Album Mount – For vinyl records and albums
  • CD Mount – For standard CD/DVD cases
  • Card Mount – For trading cards, postcards, and photographs

Mix and match to create dazzling displays tailored to your entire collection. The bold CollectorMount is sized to seamlessly integrate with any other mount design.

Stop Hiding Your Collection – Proudly Display It!

You’ve invested so much time, money, and passion building your accumulation of DVDs, video games, records, and other collectibles. Don’t keep those items packed away in boxes or drawers! Give them the prominent display space they deserve with the versatile CollectorMount.

This adjustable mount provides a customizable fit for any item up to 1″ thick. The crystal clear plastic lets the incredible cover artwork shine. Display your mount on a shelf or hang it on the wall for an eye-catching exhibit.

With quick 3-step assembly and a sleek design, the CollectorMount makes it easy to finally showcase your collection in style. Order now and embrace your inner collector!


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