Show Off Your Lightsaber in Style with the COVERTEC Wall Mount



Your lightsaber is more than just a toy or collectible. It’s a symbol of honor, power and your connection to the Force. With the COVERTEC Wall Mount, you can proudly display your lightsaber like the Jedi weapon it truly is.

This innovative wall mount is specially designed to hold lightsabers that feature a COVERTEC knob, like those from Galaxy’s Edge, Hasbro’s Black Series, Force FX, Savi’s Workshop or custom saber shops. The unique claw design grips onto the COVERTEC knob securely so your lightsaber can hang elegantly on display.

High Quality, Sturdy Construction

Built for the long haul, the COVERTEC Wall Mount is constructed from durable thermoplastic that’s designed to last. The high impact material can withstand bumps and knocks without cracking or breaking. Two included anchors and screws keep the mount firmly affixed to your wall so you never have to worry about your lightsaber taking an unexpected tumble.

The sleek, rounded edges give the wall mount a refined, minimalist look. At just 3.5 inches wide, it has a compact footprint that saves wall space without sacrificing presence. The mount extends out 2 inches from the wall and weighs just 2.4oz, so it can be placed just about anywhere without stress.

Designed by Lightsaber Fans, For Lightsaber Fans

Infinity 3D Prints is run by fellow lightsaber devotees, so they put care into each COVERTEC Wall Mount they produce. The unique claw-and-peg design was carefully engineered to grip COVERTEC knobs securely while preventing damage to your lightsaber’s finish.

Skilled designers crafted the wall mount’s smooth curves and clean lines to complement lightsabers from all eras. Whether your weapon of choice comes from the Original Trilogy, Prequel era or the newest entries, the COVERTEC Wall Mount displays it with honor.

The wall mount comes in classic black to blend in subtly on your wall, letting the brilliant luster of your lightsaber take center stage. The minimalist look matches any décor from Jedi Temple to Sith lair.

Display Your Lightsaber With Pride

Your lightsaber represents years of fictional history and real-world memories. Building a custom lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Adding an icon like Darth Vader’s lightsaber to your collection takes time and dedication.

The COVERTEC Wall Mount honors your lightsaber by putting it on display like the symbol of hope and heroism it embodies. Mounting your lightsaber on the wall keeps it secure while showing it the respect it deserves.

The COVERTEC mount allows you to highlight your most prized lightsaber as a centerpiece in your collection. Or use it to organize multiple lightsabers for an impressive lineup of Jedi and Sith weapons.

Easy to Install

Mounting your COVERTEC wall mount is simple. Just determine your desired placement, mark the screw holes, drill pilot holes and insert the included anchors. Use the provided screws to securely affix the mount to the wall. Once mounted, just slide your lightsaber onto the claw grip until it clicks into place.

The mount can be removed whenever you wish to ignite your blade for battle or just want to change up your display. The original paint is left undamaged for easy remounting.

Compatible Lightsaber Models

The COVERTEC Wall Mount is specially designed to work with lightsabers that feature COVERTEC wheel knobs, including:

Hasbro/Disney Black Series Force FX Lightsabers
Savi’s Workshop (Galaxy’s Edge)
Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsabers
Vader’s Vault
Electrum Sabercrafts
Ultimate Works
Genesis Custom Sabers
SaberSourcing EcoSaber

One-Year Warranty

Your satisfaction with our COVERTEC Wall Mount is our priority. We stand behind our products with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Just send us a message if you have any issues and we’ll make it right.

Add Distinction to Your Lightsaber Collection

Bring elegance and honor to your prized lightsabers with the COVERTEC Wall Mount. With a secure grip and refined design, it displays your Jedi or Sith weapon as the iconic collectible it is. Order now and uplift your lightsaber collection to new heights!


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