Show Off Your CD Collection with the CollectorMount CD Mount



The CollectorMount CD Mount is the perfect way to display your CD collection and showcase the artwork. With an adjustable and invisible acrylic mount, you can proudly exhibit your music, movies, video games, and more.

Clearly Display the Full Cover Artwork

The CollectorMount uses a clear plastic mount so nothing obscures or detracts from the original artwork. The full cover is visible so you can appreciate every detail of the imagery and text. Whether it’s a rare, vintage CD or your favorite new album, the album art will be front and center.

Fits Any Standard Size CD, DVD, or Game

This acrylic CD mount can hold any CD, DVD, Blu-ray, video game, or any other standard size disc up to 1 inch thick. The adjustable sizing range is 4.75″ to 6.25″ wide, accommodating all your discs. Simply slide the disc into place and it will be held securely while still being removable.

Display Vertically or Horizontally

The innovative two-in-one design allows you to mount your CDs vertically on the wall or horizontally on a shelf. The horizontal shelf display is great for media consoles and display cabinets. Go vertical on a wall to save space and create visual impact.

Quick and Easy 3-Step Assembly

Putting together the CollectorMount is fast and simple:

  1. Slide the clear acrylic pegs into the black mounting base
  2. Choose vertical or horizontal orientation
  3. Mount the base on the wall or shelf

No complicated instructions or tools needed. Spend more time designing your perfect display!

Design the Collection of Your Dreams

The CollectorMount makes it easy to keep adding to your CD wall art display. Mix and match your favorite CDs, movies, and games to create a custom art collage. Rotate discs in and out or rearrange them anytime for a fresh look.

High Quality and Crystal Clear

The 1/8 inch thick acrylic pegs are crystal clear, providing invisible support so the disc artwork takes center stage. The smooth finish looks classy and polished. The long-lasting construction will maintain its transparency and resist yellowing over time.

Complements All Your Collectibles

The CollectorMount CD Mount coordinates perfectly with other CollectorMount products like the Comic Mount, Album Mount, DVD Mount, and Card Mount. Mix various collectible types for an eclectic gallery wall that shows off your passions.

Buy More and Save

Available in a convenient 2 pack, the CollectorMount provides great value for creating a coordinated display. Bulk pricing offers even more savings, making it affordable to mount large collections across any space.

Give your CD art the showcase it deserves with the CollectorMount! Order now to start designing your own custom wall art collage.


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