Safety and Functionality Come First with the BenchMate Split Shower Curtain for Bath Transfer Benches



Falls in the bathroom can lead to serious injury, especially for those with mobility challenges who require the assistance of a bath transfer bench for showering. Keeping water off the floor during shower transfers is critical to help prevent dangerous slips and falls.

Most standard shower curtains simply don’t work with bath transfer benches. The benches create a gap that allows water to escape onto the floor. Until now, there hasn’t been a shower curtain designed specifically to integrate with transfer benches.

The BenchMate Split Shower Curtain is the first curtain engineered to work seamlessly with popular transfer bench models like Platinum Health’s Carousel, Gateway, and Hydrolide. The unique split design solves the problem of water spray by protecting the entry and exit sides of the bench.

Premium Design and Materials for Safety and Style

BenchMate goes beyond functional design with the look and feel of a high-end shower curtain. The elegant 100% woven polyester fabric is soft to the touch and available in two colors – Chamonix White and Sahara Beige – to match any bathroom décor.

The generous 71″ x 72″ size provides ample coverage for most tubs. The curtain is machine washable for easy care and maintenance.

The premium BenchMate curtain combines safety and style for total confidence in the bath.

Hassle-Free Installation in Seconds

The genius of BenchMate lies in the patented Quick Attach system. Installation takes only seconds with the metal-free loops that smoothly glide over the shower curtain rod.

There’s no struggling to line up holes or fumbling with hooks that can scratch the rod. Just quickly slip the loops in place for an instant custom fit around your transfer bench.

The squeak-free loops are designed for quiet operation and easy cleaning. Their unique stain resistant material keeps the BenchMate looking pristine.

Weighted Magnetic Bottom Seal

BenchMate’s advanced design includes magnetized weights sewn into the bottom seal. The weights help the curtain hang properly and hug the contours of the tub.

This improves the curtain’s ability to contain water spray from the bench area and prevent leaks onto the bathroom floor.

The fully weighted curtain also has a smoother, more upscale look compared to cheap vinyl curtains.

Designed for Safety Around the Leading Transfer Benches

BenchMate is specifically constructed to integrate with some of the top-selling bath transfer benches:

Platinum Health CarouselTM Swivel Seat Transfer Bench

The Carousel’s unique rotating seat eliminates the need to move the bench during transfers. BenchMate’s split accommodates the seat’s rounded shape so you can easily swing into position without worrying about water splashing onto the floor.

Platinum Health GatewayTM Transfer Bench

The Gateway uses a slidable, height adjustable seat for flexible positioning. BenchMate seals the gap on each side to keep water in place even as the seat glides back and forth.

Platinum Health HydrolideTM Sliding Transfer Bench

The Hydrolide features a sliding transfer seat on a low-profile frame. The BenchMate curves around the seat and tucks below the rails to contain moisture.

Know You’re Protected with the BenchMate Guarantee

Your safety and satisfaction are ensured with BenchMate’s:

Materials and workmanship guarantee – 1 year from purchase date
30 day free returns – return for any reason for a complete refund
Prompt, courteous customer service

Give yourself peace of mind in the shower with the only curtain designed for your transfer bench. Bring the power of safety and luxury to your bathroom with the BenchMate Split Shower Curtain.


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