Revolutionize Your Living Room with the CouchConsole Original Tray – The Most Innovative and Versatile Sofa Caddy for Drinks, Snacks, and Essentials



Tired of cluttered coffee tables and messy floors while trying to relax on the couch? We have the perfect solution to maximize your comfort and convenience – the CouchConsole Original Tray! This innovative sofa caddy combines multiple useful functionalities into one sleek and compact design that seamlessly blends into your living space.

With its smart gyroscope system, the CouchConsole self-balances and stabilizes your drinks, ensuring no more spills or stains on the couch or carpet even if you place it on uneven surfaces. The anti-spill locking mechanism fits most standard sized glasses and cups, giving you peace of mind.

The Console’s modular design allows you to customize the layout just the way you want. The 4 independent modules can be arranged to store drinks, snacks, remote controls, books, phones, tablets, and more. Simply use the included spacer to divide the compartments as needed. With the CouchConsole’s versatility, your living room essentials are always within arm’s reach.

This sofa caddy doesn’t just hold your stuff steadily, it also keeps your devices powered up. It comes with a built-in USB-C charging port that connects directly to the storage space below. Just connect any external battery pack and juice up your smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and any other gadgets. No more hunting for spare cables or outlets mid-movie marathon.

The CouchConsole incorporates a sizeable depositing space where you can organize the daily essentials you need nearby as you work, relax, or binge your favorite shows. Keep your TV/cable remotes, coasters, books, magazines, phones, tablets, snacks, drinks, vapes, controllers, headphones and more in one place. With everything you need at your fingertips, you don’t have to constantly get up or rummage around to grab something.

Premium Quality and Design That Will Last

This sofa caddy tray is not made of flimsy plastic or low-grade materials. It features a high-quality construction with stylish faux leather and a sleek black titanium gray finish that effortlessly matches any living room décor. The premium materials are built to last for years of regular everyday use.

The CouchConsole was designed with superior attention to both form and function. Its aesthetically rounded edges and compact footprint take up minimal space while making a stylish statement. Measuring 25.5” x 7.8” x 4”, this sofa caddy slot neatly in between couch cushions or mounts securely onto armrests with the included clamps.

The thoughtfully designed details like the non-slip padded bottom ensure the Console stays firmly in place. This lightweight caddy weighs only 1.45 pounds so you can effortlessly move it from room to room. Take it from the living room to bedroom or RV without hassle.

All-Purpose Organization to Support Your Ideal Lifestyle

The CouchConsole Organizer was designed to conform to your lifestyle and needs. Keep all your living room essentials organized so you can fully relax and enjoy me-time without any worries.

For movie and game nights, keep your controllers, headsets, remotes, and drinks in arm’s reach so you don’t have to get up and potentially miss any action.

If you like to snack while binging shows, store your bites and beverages conveniently to grab as needed. The anti-spill mechanism prevents messy accidents.

For unwinding with a book, easily access your e-reader, booklight, eyeglasses, and more. You can also store loose items like bookmarks or the TV remote.

To stay productive while working from the couch, keep your laptop, smartphone, tablets, notebooks, pens, chargers, and other gear organized.

Simply put, the CouchConsole mounts exactly where you need it and stores what you need. It’s like a mini desk, side table, and cup holder all in one compact organizer.

Highly Rated by Customers for Quality and Convenience

With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from hundreds of reviews, it’s clear the CouchConsole ticks all the boxes for quality, convenience, and versatility. Customers love keeping this sofa caddy by their side anywhere they relax at home.

Here is what happy customers have to say:

“This couch caddy is so useful! I don’t have to balance things in my lap anymore trying to prevent spills. Now I can sip my wine and relax.”

“The game changer I never knew I needed! No more clutter on the coffee table. I keep all our remotes, coasters, and other items in the console tidy and organized.”

“We take this tray console everywhere in the house. From the living room to bedroom, it’s perfect to keep books, tablets, drinks & more. So much better than having stuff scattered around.”

“This has made working on the couch so much easier. I can organizing my laptop, notebook, pens and highlighters all in one place.”

“It keeps everything I need within reach. I use it for holding my pump parts, breastfeeding supplies and snacks/drinks while taking care of my newborn.”

“The CouchConsole makes movie nights so much better! No more spilling drinks when reaching for snacks. And the built-in charger is genius.”

“This is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time! No more clutter or looking for the remote.”

So join hundreds of satisfied customers and quickly grab the CouchConsole Sofa Caddy to maximize your organization, convenience, and comfort from the living room couch and beyond. With its sleek profile, premium quality, versatile modular storage, anti-spill protection, and built-in USB charger, this innovative caddy has all the features you need to support your lifestyle.


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