Render Your TV Viewing Experience Stunning with This Complete Metal Stud TV Mounting Kit



Mount your treasured flat screen television on a metal stud wall with total ease and peace of mind using the CondoMounts MSK9010 steel stud TV mounting kit. This all-inclusive kit equips you with everything needed for a quick, secure TV installation on metal stud walls.

Gone are the days of making multiple trips to the hardware store and dealing with the headache of trying to find compatible components. The CondoMounts MSK9010 conveniently provides all the essential mounting hardware in one ready-to-go kit, allowing you to mount your TV stress-free.

At the core of this heavy-duty steel stud mounting kit are the remarkable Elephant Anchors, which bite into metal studs with an extremely strong grip to hold your TV firmly in place. Providing holding strength up to 200 lbs, these exclusive Elephant Anchors prevent your valuable television from wobbling, swiveling or detaching unexpectedly.

The elephant anchors are paired with premium carbon steel screws designed for superior durability, ensuring your TV mount maintains a rigid connection to the metal stud for years of steady performance. No need to worry about screws stripping or snapping unexpectedly!

Installation is a total breeze thanks to the pilot point titanium drill bit included in the kit, allowing you to drill easily into tough metal studs without requiring a special hammer drill. The pilot point tip prevents walking or skipping, while the titanium coating offers exceptional resistance against wear.

Gone are the frustrations of using a standard drill bit that slips all over the place when trying to drill into metal! This titanium drill bit powered by any standard drill lets you drill cleanly through metal studs with minimal effort.

The comprehensive MSK9010 kit also includes washers to allow optimal flush contact between the wall and TV bracket for a stable connection. Rubber pads give your wall added protection against bracket scratches too.

With easy step-by-step instructions provided, you’ll have your TV mounted securely on the metal stud wall in no time at all. No specialized skills or tools needed!

Invest in the CondoMounts MSK9010 steel stud mounting kit today to save time, money and frustration trying to source all the components separately. Everything you need comes packed in one convenient kit.

Experience the difference exceptional engineering makes. Order the CondoMounts MSK9010 now and transform any ordinary metal stud wall into a stunning TV viewing space!

Product Features

  • Complete All-In-One Kit – Contains elephant anchors, carbon steel screws, titanium drill bit, washers and instructions for metal stud TV mounting
  • Heavy-Duty Holding Strength – Elephant anchors bite firmly into metal studs to support TVs up to 200 lbs
  • Easy Drilling – Pilot point titanium drill bit prevents walking/skipping; works with all drill types
  • Quick & Simple Install – All essential hardware provided for fast DIY metal stud TV mount setup
  • Durable Components – Carbon steel screws + titanium drill bit designed for long-lasting performance
  • Superior Quality Materials – Made with titanium-coated drill bit and carbon steel screws for reliability
  • Universal TV Bracket Compatibility – Works with any TV brand/model using industry standard VESA mounts
  • Secure TV Mounting Solution – Keep your TV firmly affixed to metal stud walls; no wobbling or detaching


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