Protect Your Vinyl Record Collection with ClearBags Archival-Quality Outer Sleeves



Your vinyl record collection is a treasure trove of musical history and meaning. Those tactile, analog recordings represent hours of artistic expression and carry irreplaceable memories. While digital music promises convenience, nothing replaces the ritual, richness, and intimacy of spinning your favorite record on a turntable.

To preserve your vinyl and maintain its monetary and sentimental value, protection is paramount. Exposed records and sleeves deteriorate over time. With repeated handling, jackets acquire ringwear, seam splits, corner dings, and other damage. Dust, oils, and particles shed from the air and your hands leave permanent marks.

ClearBags has created the ultimate outer sleeve to shield your vinyl from harm. Our 12 x 12 clear vinyl record sleeves are archival-quality and acid-free to prevent yellowing and brittleness. The 2.0 mil thickness resists rips, tears, wrinkles, and punctures while enabling full view of your album art. Strong, heat-sealed seams ensure durability and long life for safe storage.

Key Features

Dimensions – With exterior dimensions of 12 11/16″ x 12 3/8″, these outer sleeves are precision sized to accommodate 12″ vinyl LPs. The 1 1⁄2” flap fits albums of varying thickness.

Crystal Clarity – Optical-grade, non-glare sleeves allow albums to shine without distortion. Clarity equals 100% visibility of cover art and labels.

Adhesive Strip – Unlike many sleeves, the resealable adhesive is on the pouch itself, not the flap. This avoids contact between the vinyl jacket and sticky strip. No more peeling or adhering artwork!

Archival Safety – Constructed from polypropylene plastic, these outer sleeves are acid-free, lignin-free and pH balanced. Your albums avoid paper deterioration, yellowing, and brittleness.

Protection from Dust and Scratches – Records slide easily in and out of anti-static sleeves. Vinyl stays free of dust, oils, and particles that wear grooves and degrade sound.

Durability – With robust 2.0 mil thickness, heat-sealed seams, and crystal clarity, these sleeves resist rips, splits, punctures, wrinkles, and cuts. Built to last for the long haul.

Preserve Your Collection’s Value

Records aren’t just music — they are investments. Rare records by the Beatles, Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, and other iconic artists command thousands of dollars if kept in pristine condition. Even common records accrue value over time. Protecting your vinyl ensures it maintains monetary worth through inevitable resurgences of interest.

Outer sleeves defend against damage that decreases value. Ringwear, seam splits, corner dings, sticker residue, and other imperfections can slash potential price. Handle records with care, store in outer sleeves, and maintain as close to mint condition as possible.

Display Your Collection in Style

While protection is a priority, outer sleeves shouldn’t hide your treasures. That’s why ClearBags utilizes optically clear, non-glare plastic for maximum visibility. Display your collection with pride so guests can browse colorful spines and admire rare finds. Discover old favorites or spin classics on a whim when albums are easily identified.

Outer sleeves neatly organize your shelf and emanate professionalism. Foil and embossing shine without distortion, and gatefolds unfold to reveal panoramas. Immerse in cover art, liner notes, and lyrics sheets without marring a single surface. Sleeves keep your collection orderly and accessible.

Preserve the Analog Warmth of Vinyl

Vinyl’s popularity stems from its unmatched analog warmth and dynamic range. These rich sonic qualities derive from the large format and physical engraving of sound waves into records. Skip the flatness of compressed digital files and enjoy the full frequency spectrum as the artist intended.

Clear outer sleeves provide a protective seal to preserve vinyl fidelity. Records slide in and out without abrasion, keeping grooves noise- and scratch-free. You’ll safeguard the crackling ambience and sonic nuances of this timeless audio format. Devotees know that no other musical medium elicits such emotional connection and spatial realism.

Archival Protection from ClearBags

As vinyl collectors ourselves, we created these outer sleeves to protect our own collections. Decades of expertise led us to engineer the ideal thickness, fit, clarity, seam strength, and resealability to shield records from all threats. We embrace vinyl’s resurgence by helping a new generation preserve these cultural treasures.

Trust ClearBags to safeguard your vinyl heirlooms. Our sleeves defend against dust, warping, ringwear, splitting, corner dings, and other indignities. Records slide in and out smoothly without abrasion or sticking. Display your cover art proudly on shelves and flip through titles with ease. Keep your vinyl collection in flawless condition while enjoying its beauty and musicality for years to come. The best album is the one spinning on your turntable right now.


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