Protect Your Floors from Dirt and Damage with the Durable CLIMATEX Rubber Runner Mat



Tired of tracking in mud, dirt, and water that ruins your floors? Frustrated with having to constantly mop and sweep to keep floors clean? The CLIMATEX Rubber Runner Mat is the heavy-duty solution you need for protect floors from damage while trapping dirt and debris.

With a diagonal texture that acts like a grill to catch messes, this versatile mat keeps splatters, mud, sand, and liquids from being tracked indoors and making floors slick. The proprietary rubber material is durable for both indoor and outdoor use, standing up to heavy foot traffic and weather without deteriorating over time.

At 27 inches wide and 6 feet long, this runner mat spans high traffic areas. Use it as an outdoor mat by entryways to keep rain, leaves, dirt, and snow outside. The water-repellent rubber prevents water seepage to keep moisture from being brought inside. The mat provides excellent traction too, so no more slippery porch steps in the rain.

For indoor use, this mat is perfect for protecting floors in entryways, laundry rooms, garages, basements, and workshops. The super grippy texture also makes it ideal for commercial facilities such as manufacturing plants, fitness centers, and playgrounds where slipping is a hazard. Anywhere you need to trap dirt, sand, and liquids before it damages floors and causes unsafe conditions, this mat has you covered.

Built Tough for Daily Use in Any Weather

Made from 100% rubber with no fabric backing or liners, this mat is made to withstand heavy usage without deteriorating. The proprietary rubber blend makes it flexible and comfortable enough for indoor use yet durable enough for outdoor use. No need to worry about harsh UV rays or moisture damage when using this mat outside.

You can use soap and water to easily clean the mat and wash away debris. For a deep clean, use a hose to blast away caked on mud or dirt. No need for special mat cleaners or tedious scrubbing to keep this mat looking like new. Just let it air dry after cleaning.

The diagonal grooves effectively trap all types of dirt and moisture to keep it off your floors, including:

Mud and clay
Dirt and soil
Sand and gravel
Grass and mulch
Rain, snow, and ice
Pool water splashes
Grease and oil drips
Food crumbs and spills
Pet hair and paw prints
Road salt and chemicals
Leaves and pine needles

With no slips or backings to tear, this mat will provide seasons of reliable use while protecting your floors.

Customize Sizing to Fit Any Entryway

At 27 inches wide, this mat will cover most doorway widths to keep mess contained. Need wider coverage? You can easily join two or more mats together for a custom fit. The interlocking diagonal texture will seamlessly unify multiple mats.

At 6 feet long, this mat spans several footsteps to remove shoes, boots, and paws before entering a room. For longer entryways, staircases, or hallways, join mats end to end. The beveled edges allow for a tight seam that won’t catch feet or vacuums.

Protect These Surfaces:

Tile floors
Hardwood floors
Laminate floors
Vinyl floors
Concrete floors
Carpeted floors
Epoxy coated floors
Patio pavers
Decking boards
Boat docks
Steps and landings

This versatile mat works anywhere you need heavy-duty floor protection that traps dirt and withstands heavy use.

Outfit Your Home or Business Today

With its highly effective dirt trapping ability and heavy-duty construction, this CLIMATEX Rubber Runner Mat will provide long lasting protection for high traffic floors. No more fretting over ruined floors or paying for costly cleaners and repairs.

Order today to outfit your entryways, garages, basements, laundry rooms, and workshops. Keep outdoor living spaces cleaner and safer too. This mat is a must have multi-use floor saver for both residential and commercial applications. It will be the hardest working mat in your home or facility.


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