Luxury Unscented Pillar Candles – Elegant and Long-Lasting



Transform Any Space into an Oasis of Calm Serenity with Bolsius Luxurious Unscented Pillar Candles

Looking to add a touch of elegance and ambiance to your home, event, or special occasion? Search no further than this set of 12 premium unscented pillar candles from Bolsius. With their classic smooth-sided design and clean white color, these candles make a graceful statement wherever they’re placed.

Light one or a pair of these thick 2.7 x 6.7 inch candles in your favorite candle holders to instantly elevate any room. As the flames flicker gently and the wax melts down evenly, these smokeless and dripless candles will provide up to 62 hours of beautiful illumination and help create a relaxing atmosphere. Their neutral unscented nature also makes them ideal for those sensitive to scents or allergies.

Crafted with Care Using the Finest Materials

Bolsius pays close attention to quality, using only the highest grade ingredients in their candle making process. These pillars are formed from premium paraffin wax blends designed to burn clean and minimize soot. The wicks are made from tightly braided cotton that promote an even burn and prevent clogging. This produces a flame that’s bright but calm, for the perfect amount of cozy ambiance.

The result is a set of candles that are as durable and well-made as they are decorative. The smooth sided pillars feel sturdy in your hand and the quality materials ensure they burn slowly and evenly from top to bottom, all the way down to the last hour of their exceptionally long burn time.

Versatile Unscented Candles for Any Festive Setting

The neutral white color and lack of added fragrance makes this pillar candle set suitable for just about any special occasion or celebratory setting.

Create an elegant tablescape for your next dinner party. A trio of glowing candles adds warmth to any table.
Use them as part of your wedding or bridal shower decor for a classic and romantic touch.
Add a pair to the mantel or shelves for an extra festive touch during the holidays.
Set the mood for a relaxing spa day or night in with a long bath. Their clean burn and unscented nature is perfect for meditation or yoga spaces.
Accent your business’ reception area, lounge, or offices with a touch of simple sophistication.
Longer Burn Time Than the Average Pillar Candle

Don’t be disappointed by short-lived candles that tunnel and smoke out halfway through. With each pillar providing up to 62 hours of glow, this Bolsius candle set was designed to shine bright through even your longest events and gatherings.

Stock up for weddings, holiday parties, and any other occasion where you’ll need candlelight lasting for days. The thick 2.7 inch width also means you’ll get more wax volume and more burn time than smaller, thinner pillar candles.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Our Hassle-Free Warranty

Buy with complete confidence thanks to our satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be fully happy with your set of luxury unscented candles. If you experience any issues with performance or quality, simply contact us. We’re committed to making it right.

Give your home or next event a touch of timeless elegance with this set of 12 smooth, thick, clean burning pillar candles. Their neutral white color and lack of scent makes them ideal for any occasion or decor. Let Bolsius unscented candles infuse your space with beauty, serenity, and hours of warm flickering light.


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