Luxury Unscented Ivory Pillar Candles – Long Lasting Wedding Centerpiece Candles Set



Create an elegant ambiance for any special occasion with these premium unscented ivory pillar candles. With an impressive 43 hours of burn time, these high quality dripless candles will illuminate your event long into the night.

The 12 pillar candles in this set are made from a creamy ivory wax that provides a clean, smokeless burn for up to 43 hours. Each candle measures 5.1 inches tall x 2.7 inches wide – the perfect height to anchor centerpieces and table decor at your wedding, anniversary dinner, or formal event. An elegant smooth finish ensures these thick candles stand tall in any standard pillar holder or candelabra.

These unscented candles allow you to layer on your favorite fragrances without competing scents. The lead-free, cotton wicks are neatly centered to promote even burning and prevent messy drips. Treat your guests to a beautiful glow without the hassle of smoke or melted wax.

For those looking to impress on a budget, this set provides amazing value. All 12 dripless ivory candles are securely packaged in one box, ready for handling and storage.

Whether you’re hosting a romantic dinner for two or a lavish wedding reception, these clean burning ivory pillars set the mood with the warmth and allure of candlelight. Make your occasion special with long lasting ambiance guests are sure to remember.


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