Luxury Bidet Attachment Transforms Any Toilet Into a Spa-Like Experience



Treat yourself to a little luxury every time you use the bathroom with the GIVINGTREE Bidet Toilet Attachment. This ingenious device easily attaches to your existing toilet in minutes, converting it into a personal bidet that provides a soothing warm water cleanse.

Digital Display Lets You Control Water Temperature

The highlight feature of this bidet attachment is the digital display that lets you see and adjust the temperature of the water before using the rinse function. Simply turn the knob to your desired temperature and the display lights up to show you the setting. This prevents unexpected hot or cold water surprises.

The temperature can be adjusted from a cool 60 degrees up to a warm 100 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you full control over the washing experience. Kids and seniors can use cooler temperatures they find comforting, while others may prefer warmer water.

High Quality Construction for Durability and Safety

Constructed of durable ABS plastic with a sleek chrome-plated finish, the bidet attachment is made to last through years of regular use. The water hose is braided steel that is reinforced to prevent leaks and bursting.

The main bidet body and all accessories use high-impact, eco-friendly plastics, with metal used for key components. The quality materials and construction ensure this will be a long-lasting addition to your bathroom.

Retractable Self-Cleaning Nozzles

This bidet comes equipped with dual nozzles – one for the rear wash function and a shorter feminine nozzle for personal cleansing. Both nozzles feature a self-cleaning design and retract into the bidet body when not in use for optimal hygiene.

The nozzles have multiple spray holes that offer wider, gentler water flow. They are easy to remove for periodic deep cleaning. Using the bidet nozzles reduces the need for toilet paper and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation

Installing the bidet attachment is a quick and easy process that takes only about 10-15 minutes to complete. No plumber or special tools are needed.

Everything you need for a secure install comes included like the T-adapter that connects to your toilet’s water supply line, metal hose brackets, and all mounting hardware. Clear instructions with pictures walk you through each step.

As long as you have a compatible two-piece toilet, anyone can upgrade their bathroom with this bidet using just a wrench and screwdriver.

Fits Most Standard Toilets

This bidet is designed to work with most standard two-piece toilets with no need for modifications. It securely attaches between the toilet seat and bowl.

Please note that one-piece toilets and certain specialty toilets may not be compatible. Be sure to check the dimensions first before purchasing if you have any concerns about fit.

With a slim profile of just 0.3 inches thick, the bidet attachment won’t create any unsightly gap between your toilet seat and the bowl. The chrome plated finish seamlessly blends in with modern plumbing fixtures.

Enjoy the Cleanliness and Health Benefits of a Personal Bidet

The GIVINGTREE bidet toilet attachment offers the cleansing benefits of a personal bidet at a fraction of the cost. Here are some key perks this bidet provides:

  • Adjustable warm water washing instead of dry toilet paper.
  • Dual nozzles for posterior and feminine cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles retract out of the way when not needed.
  • Cuts down on waste by reducing toilet paper usage.
  • Digital display lets you preset the ideal water temperature.
  • Fresh, hygienic feeling after every use.
  • Easy DIY installation takes less than 15 minutes.
  • Fits most standard two-piece toilets.
  • Modern, low-profile design.

With the luxury cleansing of the GIVINGTREE bidet attachment, every trip to the bathroom can feel like a spa experience. The adjustable warm water wash leaves you feeling refreshed in all the right places.

The self-cleaning dual nozzles provide optimal hygiene and the on-demand water stream reduces waste compared to toilet paper. It’s an easy upgrade that can improve your bathroom routine and overall comfort.

The included digital display for presetting water temperature makes it easy for everyone in the family to customize their wash to their own preference. Give your body a soothing warm water cleanse with the latest in bidet technology.

Order the GIVINGTREE Bidet Attachment Today and Discover What a Difference a Little Luxury Can Make

With its high-quality construction, dual self-cleaning nozzles, and digital temperature display, the GIVINGTREE bidet attachment provides luxury features at an affordable price. It can be installed in minutes to any standard two-piece toilet thanks to the easy DIY design.

Give your bathroom an instant upgrade with this clever device. Order the GIVINGTREE bidet attachment today and experience what a warm water wash can do for your comfort and hygiene. Your body will thank you!


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