Light Up Your Beauty Routine with the CASSILANDO Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights



Flawless makeup application starts with proper lighting. The CASSILANDO Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights provides the perfect illumination for effortless blending, precise lines, and radiant skin. With customizable LED lighting and convenient charging, this lighted makeup mirror is the ultimate beauty tool.

Product Title: CASSILANDO Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Touch Controls and USB Charging

See Yourself in the Best Light

What’s better than a classic Hollywood-style vanity? One with built-in lighting for makeup application, of course! The CASSILANDO Hollywood Vanity Mirror features 15 dimmable LED bulbs that provide even, shadow-free lighting. No more struggling with improper lighting distorting colors and application. The LED lights let you see every pore, lash, and detail for expert blending and precision. Go from a bare face to full glam with perfect lighting every step of the way.

Customize Your Lighting with 3 Color Modes

With a tap of your finger, you can change the LED lighting from warm white, to natural daylight, to cool white. Warm white lighting flatters the skin for a soft, radiant finish. Natural daylight shows true colors for accurate shade matching. Cool white lighting illuminates every detail for precise lining and application. No matter what look you’re going for, you can customize the lighting to complement it.

Touch Sensor for Easy Control

Tapping the mirror turns the LED lights on and off, while swiping left or right lets you toggle between the three lighting modes. The sensitive touch controls make it easy to adjust both the color and brightness with just a tap or swipe of your finger. No more fumbling around with complicated controls!

Adjust the Brightness for the Perfect Intensity

In addition to the three lighting modes, you can adjust the brightness by holding down the power button. Brighten up for detailed tasks like tweezing, highlighting and eyeliner application. Dim for a softer glow to blend and contour. With the ability to customize both the color temperature and brightness, you can achieve the perfect lighting for any beauty task.

Sleek, Stylish Design Enhances Your Vanity

Inspired by classic Hollywood glamour, this lighted makeup mirror features clean lines and chic details. The rectangular mirror and LED lights are framed by a glossy acrylic surround. The design brings a touch of old Hollywood charm to modern vanities and dressing tables. Place it atop your makeup station to add a luxurious feel to your beauty routine.

Hang It or Sit It for Maximum Versatility

The versatility of this Hollywood mirror makes it easy to incorporate into your space. The stable, weighted base allows this vanity mirror with lights to sit atop a table or dresser. Attach the included hardware to mount it to the wall for hanging versatility. Use it as a Hollywood mirror on the wall of your glam room, bedroom, or bathroom. Wherever you decide to put it, the lighting and convenient charging features will elevate your space.

Rechargeable Battery for Portability

An integrated rechargeable battery means you can take your well-lit view on the go. Simply plug the included USB cord into any power source to charge the battery. No tangled cords restrict your use to one area. Move from the bedroom to bathroom and take the perfect lighting with you. The cordless, battery-powered design provides flexibility to use this lighted mirror anywhere you have a power source for charging.

LED Lights Prevent Overheating

Traditional incandescent bulbs can generate excessive heat that risks damage to the vanity mirror. The LED lights on the CASSILANDO mirror run cool to prevent overheating and potential cracks or warps. The long-lasting LEDs provide hours of perfect lighting without risk of damage to the mirror.

Safety Certified for Worry-Free Use

Each CASSILANDO Hollywood vanity mirror undergoes strict testing and inspections to meet US quality standards. The LED lights and battery power feature overload protection and automatic shutoff. Built with shatter-resistant acrylic instead of glass, the mirror resists breakage. The safe, worry-free design stands up to daily use for lasting performance.

Gift the Gift of Perfect Lighting

Give the gift of effortless makeup application with this lighted Hollywood mirror. The chic, modern design looks gorgeous on any vanity or dressing table. For birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, and more, it makes a thoughtful gift for any makeup lover. Watch their face light up when they experience the game-changing lighting.

We Stand Behind Our Quality

CASSILANDO provides a 30-day money back guarantee along with an 18-month replacement warranty. We strive to provide exceptional products and satisfy every customer. If you experience any issues with the Hollywood vanity mirror, contact us for a refund or replacement.

Illuminate your beauty routine with the CASSILANDO Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights. The dimmable LED bulbs provide flawless lighting so you can look your absolute best. Customize the color temperature and brightness for any beauty task. The sleek, glamorous design and convenient charging feature will upgrade your dressing space.


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