Introducing the Stylish Yet Functional Navy Blue Ceramic Trash Can – An Elegant Addition to Any Room



Tired of those boring plastic trash cans that do nothing to enhance your home’s style? We have the solution – this beautiful navy blue ceramic trash can that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Handcrafted from durable ceramic, this decorative trash bin features a stunning two-tone navy and white color palette with hand-painted detailing. The dark navy blue hue exudes elegance and will stand out in your home without being too overwhelming.

Designed for Style & Functionality

The round shape and curved silhouette make this trash can a decorative accent that will suit any aesthetic – from traditional to contemporary and anything in between. Place it in your bathroom to complement your towels and bath accessories. Use it in the kitchen to tie in your dinnerware and appliances. Or put it beside your desk to corral waste in your home office. Wherever it goes, it will add a stylish touch.

The compact size at just over 9 inches high by 7 inches wide makes it ideal for small spaces. With a 0.8 gallon capacity, it’s perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, craft rooms, and other areas where you need just a little extra storage for garbage.

Made from durable ceramic, this little trash can is built to last. The glazed ceramic finish resists scratches and stains. It’s lightweight enough to easily move from room to room. And the rubber rings on the bottom keep it firmly in place wherever you put it.

Quality Construction & Safe Packaging

Expertly constructed using quality ceramic materials and glazes, our decorative trash bin makes a statement with its unique finishing touches. The two-toned ombré design utilizes different hues of navy blue, starting lighter at the top and gradually getting darker towards the base for added visual interest. Subtle white brush strokes throughout provide contrast.

We package each trash can with care to prevent damage during shipping. It’s securely wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a sturdy cardboard box so it arrives safely at your door ready to use and display.

Versatile Uses Around Your Home

This ceramic trash bin isn’t just pretty to look at – it’s also highly functional. Here are some ways you can put it to good use around your home:

Place beside the toilet to stash cotton balls, q-tips, tissues, and other bathroom waste items. The 0.8 gallon capacity is ideal for this room.

Keep on your countertop or kitchen island to quickly discard food scraps during meal prep. Use it next to your dining table to hold napkins and other dinner mess.

Perfect beside your nightstand to hold tissues, receipts, wrappers, and other small bits of trash you accumulate during the day. Matches beautifully with most bedroom decor.

Home Office
Put next to your work desk or computer station to catch stray papers, sticky notes, pens, and other office clutter. Coordinates nicely with your other workspace accessories.

Kid’s Room
Place in your child’s bedroom to contain candy wrappers, broken crayons, and other kid debris. The stylish design makes it a great accent piece.

Sit by the front door to collect mail, receipts, and miscellaneous items as you walk in. Also ideal in mudrooms, laundry rooms, and garages.

Living Room
Looks fabulous holding remote controls, tissues, and other small living room items. Use it as an end table or under coffee table accent.

Craft Room
Keep beside your work table to immediately toss scraps, threads, paper bits, and other craft debris you accumulate during projects.

Any Room
With its versatile smaller size and attractive navy color, this trash bin can work in literally any room of your house!

You’ll Love Displaying this Decorative Trash Can in Your Home!

This stylish navy ceramic trash can from DecorMarket is sure to become your new favorite home accessory. The unique hand-painted detailing gives it an artisanal charm you won’t find with any mass-produced wastebasket. Place it prominently in your bathroom, kitchen, office, or any living space to add a touch of elegance while also keeping clutter contained.

Knowing each piece was specially handmade gives this trash bin a personal feel you just can’t get from generic store-bought options. And the muted navy blue ombré pairs perfectly with a variety of color schemes from bold to neutral.

With its versatility and visual appeal, our decorative ceramic trash can makes a thoughtful housewarming or holiday gift too. Surprise your loved ones with this functional accent that will get compliments every time guests see it.

Don’t settle for a boring plastic wastebasket that does nothing for your décor. Bring home this stylish handmade ceramic trash can to add aesthetically pleasing storage to any spot. Click “Add to Cart” now to get this must-have home accessory!


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