Illuminate Your Space with This Stunning 39″ Decorative Circle Mirror



Bring a touch of natural beauty into your home with the Chende 39″ round wall mirror. Inspired by the intricate branches of trees, this accent mirror features a metal frame with removable branch-like details that add visual interest and set it apart from traditional circle mirrors. Whether hung in your entryway, above your dining table, or in any room needing a bit more light, this large round mirror is sure to elevate your space.

Unique Metal Branch Frame

At 39 inches in diameter, this large mirror makes a dramatic statement wherever it’s displayed. The metal frame is designed to mimic sweeping tree branches, creating a modern yet organic look. Six metal branch pieces attach magnetically to the circular frame, allowing you to remove them or reposition them along the frame as desired to customize the look. When all pieces are attached, the branches intertwine beautifully to form a one-of-a-kind display.

Beveled Glass for Visual Interest

While the metal branch frame steals the show, the beveled mirror glass itself also provides appeal. The edges are gently beveled at a slope, refracting light in different directions and making the mirror seem to sparkle. The beveled design gives a second glance at your reflection, providing added visual interest.

Well-Crafted and Built to Last

Expertly constructed with quality materials, this accent mirror is built to last for years to come. The sturdy metal frame maintains its structure, while the beveled glass is cut evenly and attached securely. Two integrated horizontal hooks on the back make hanging simple and ensure the mirror stays flush against the wall. With its durable design, you can feel confident displaying this decorative mirror in any room.

Design Flexibility for Various Decor Styles

Thanks to its versatile design, this circle mirror can complement and enhance an array of home decor styles. The metallic branch frame and beveled glass give it a hint of glamour, allowing it to shine in elegant formal spaces. Yet it also pairs nicely with farmhouse, rustic, industrial, retro, vintage, and bohemian decors. Use it as a standalone focal point or layer it with other accents.

Brighten Up Any Room

At 39 inches in diameter, this wall mirror is large enough to make a big impact in rooms of all sizes. Hang it on its own to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger, brighter space. The ample surface area also ensures you have an unobstructed view of your outfit or the room. Let this mirror reflect the true beauty of your home.

Simple Yet Eye-Catching

While the metal branch frame certainly stands out, the overall design remains relatively simple and versatile. The circular shape and clean lines complement both traditional and contemporary spaces, and the neutral metallic tone pairs effortlessly with any color scheme. Visually interesting yet classic, this mirror strikes the perfect balance to enhance – not overpower – your home’s existing style.

Make a Statement Above Your Buffet

Offering ample size and standout style, this mirror is ideal displayed above a sideboard or buffet in your dining room. Hang it above your table to make your dishes and decor sparkle. When positioned to reflect light from windows, it can make your entire dining area brighter and more welcoming.

Accent Your Entryway

Welcome guests to your home with this eye-catching accent mirror in your entryway. Hang it near your front door so visitors are greeted by its unique branching frame. It also provides a convenient way for you to check your appearance on your way out.

Spacious Illusion in Small Spaces

Make a small space feel instantly more expansive by mounting this generously sized mirror on the wall. The ample reflective surface will bounce light around and create the illusion of more room. Try centering it on a wall in a narrow entryway or hallway to make the area feel more open.

Add Glamour to Your Bathroom

Searching for the perfect mirror to elevate your bathroom’s style? This beveled-edge circle mirror brings a touch of glamour and modern flair. Hang it above your sink as a contemporary alternative to traditional medicine cabinet mirrors. The ample size allows for comfortable use.

Reflect Beauty in Your Bedroom

This striking mirror isn’t just for public spaces – let it reflect the beauty of your personal spaces too. Hang it on your bedroom wall or above your dresser to complement your existing decor. Use it when getting ready to reflect ample light and provide a full-length view.

Display with Pride in Any Room

With its ornate branching frame and quality beveled glass, this mirror is a décor piece you’ll be proud to display in any room. The neutral metallic tone allows it to coordinate with a variety of color schemes and styles. Place it anywhere from your living room to laundry room to add a touch of style while reflecting light.

Bring a breath of fresh air into your home with the Chende 39″ Decorative Circle Mirror. The unique metal branch frame and beveled glass create visual interest that complements any space. Brighten up your room and reflect the true beauty of your home with this special accent mirror.


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