Illuminate Your Home with This Safe & Stylish Candle Warmer Lamp



Treat yourself to a soothing aromatherapy experience with the Dimmable Scented Electric Candle Warmer Lamp. This innovative candle warmer safely melts candles to release fragrance without the dangers of an open flame. Customize your experience with adjustable brightness settings, auto shut-off timers, and a chic design to complement any décor.

Melt Away Stress with Soothing Scents

Scents have a powerful ability to relax and rejuvenate. With this electric candle warmer, you can safely unlock the soothing benefits of aromatherapy. Simply place your favorite scented candle or wax melt on the warmer plate and the halogen bulb will gently heat it to release fragrance into the air.

The warmer works with most jar candles and wax melts up to 5.5 inches tall. Now you can enjoy long-lasting Yankee Candles without having to continuously relight stubby wax remains.

Customize Your Candle Melting Experience

Take full control over your aromatherapy experience. This electric candle warmer features customizable settings so you can create the perfect ambiance in your home.

The integrated dimmer switch lets you adjust the brightness between four settings. Select lower brightness for a subtle scent or crank it up for more intense fragrance. The light doubles as a decorative lamp, illuminating your space in a warm glow.

Set the auto shut-off timer for 2, 4, or 8 hours of continuous use. The warmer will automatically turn off when time runs out for added safety and energy savings.

Safely Fill Your Home with Fragrance

Unlike traditional candles, this flameless warmer eliminates smoke, soot, and risk of fire. The halogen light bulb gently heats candles from the top down, allowing wax to safely transform into fragrant vapor.

No more babysitting candles to ensure they don’t burn down completely. The enclosed warming plate contains melted wax drips for spill-free operation. You can even leave the room worry-free thanks to the auto shut-off feature.

Bid farewell to wicks, blow outs, and hot wax. This electric candle warmer revolutionizes the candle experience for safety and convenience.

Modern Design Accentuates Any Décor

With its rounded glass shade and elegantly tapered wooden base, this candle warmer adds a contemporary accent to any room. The metal and wood construction provides durability you can rely on.

The circular base keeps the unit stable while preventing scratches on furniture surfaces. Plastic pads on the bottom increase friction to minimize slipping.

Place it on an end table, desk, nightstand, or anywhere you want to create a relaxing ambiance. The 360° design emanates scent in all directions. Use it to refresh stale air and eliminate unpleasant odors in any room.

The Perfect Gift for Candle Lovers

Surprise your favorite candle enthusiast with the safer, cleaner way to enjoy their favorite scented candles. The beautiful presentation makes it a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Give it to mom for Mother’s Day so she can unwind with a scented soak in the tub. Brighten up dad’s man cave or garage for Father’s Day. Help your significant other set the mood for romance on Valentine’s Day.

This versatile candle warmer is sure to be appreciated by men and women alike. It makes a thoughtful gift for newlyweds, hosts, teachers, and anyone who loves decorating with candles.

Transform Your Home Ambiance Risk-Free

We back this scented candle warmer lamp with a money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free. We even include 4 replacement bulbs and a user manual to get you started.

Illuminate your home with captivating fragrance today! Just click add to cart now to get this flameless, electric candle warmer.


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