Illuminate Your Beauty Routine with Conair’s Reflections LED Vanity Makeup Mirror



Look your absolute best every day with the Conair Reflections Double-Sided LED Lighted Tabletop Mount Vanity Makeup Mirror. This innovative LED-lit mirror provides perfect lighting and magnification for flawless makeup application, hair removal, and precise grooming.

With its sleek, modern design and versatile functionality, this mirror is the ideal addition to any vanity or bathroom. Keep reading to learn why this is a must-have beauty tool for your morning and evening routines.

See Yourself in the Clearest Light

This Conair mirror features bright, energy-efficient LED bulbs that provide pure, natural lighting. The bulbs are 70% more energy efficient compared to Conair incandescent bulbs and will never burn out or need replacing.

The soft, diffused lighting illuminates your face evenly with no harsh shadows or glare. Check out every angle and detail as you apply makeup, shape eyebrows, or tweeze hairs. The clear reflection gives you a true view so you can perfect your look.

Double Your Magnification Options

This innovative double-sided mirror magnifies on one side and shows a true 1x reflection on the other.

The 1x magnification side allows you to see your entire face for an accurate, real view. Check that your makeup looks flawless from every perspective.

Switch to the 10x magnification side for precision work like applying eyeliner, filling in eyebrows, and removing facial hair. The ultra-zoom shows every hair and lash in sharp detail so you can groom and tweeze with total accuracy.

No matter what beauty task you’re tackling, you have the perfect magnification right at your fingertips.

Sleek, Modern Design

The Conair Reflections LED mirror features a contemporary satin nickel finish that pairs beautifully with any decor. The clean, slim oval shape takes up minimal space on your vanity or bathroom counter.

Use the tilt feature to adjust the angle up to 30° until you find the perfect view. The 5-foot power cord gives you flexibility in placement while keeping unsightly cords out of sight.

The convenient on/off switch is discretely located on the power cord, allowing quick activation without fumbling around. Enjoy flawless front and backlit views every time you use this LED-lit mirror.

Crystal Clear, Fog-Free Reflection

This Conair mirror delivers picture-perfect views without interference from fog or condensation. The LED bulbs emit no heat, preventing mirror fogging while you shower or bathe.

The reflections remain crystal clear while you go through your routine, allowing precise application and grooming. Check your skin for blemishes, shape your brows, and apply lipstick with no distorted or obscured views.

Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Bring professional-quality lighting and magnification into your own home with this Conair Reflections mirror. Achieve salon-perfect results every time you get ready.

Use this mirror for:

Applying makeup smoothly and symmetrically
Getting the perfect winged eyeliner and lip shape
Shaping eyebrows precisely
Tweezing or waxing facial hair
Checking skin health and treating blemishes
Styling hair and checking the back of your head
Precision skincare and grooming routines
With its smart features, elegant design, and versatile functionality, this LED mirror simplifies and elevates your daily beauty regimen.

Choose from a Range of Stylish Conair Mirrors

The Conair Reflections collection offers lighted mirrors in a variety of shapes, sizes, magnification strengths, and finish colors.

Find beautiful mirrors with satin copper, polished chrome, white, black, and silver finishes. Choose from round, oval, rectangular, and square shapes to match your space.

Select the perfect magnification for tweezing, applying makeup, or doing detailed facial grooming. Options include 5x, 7x, 10x, and combination mirrors.

Some mirrors feature incandescent bulbs, while others use energy-saving LEDs. Battery-operated mirrors provide portability and cordless convenience.

With so many options, it’s easy to find the perfect Conair vanity mirror to elevate your beauty routine.

Beautifully Brighten Your Space

The Conair Reflections Double-Sided LED Lighted Tabletop Mount Vanity Makeup Mirror is a must-have for any glamour routine. With its sleek contemporary design, clear magnification, and bright, diffused lighting, this mirror will completely transform your beauty game.

Order this innovative LED-lit mirror today to illuminate your makeup, grooming, and self-care. Conair provides high-quality, affordable tools to help you look and feel your absolute best every single day.


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