Illuminate Your Bathroom in Style with This Smart Oval LED Mirror



Give your bathroom an instant style upgrade with the BuLife 28 x 20 inch oval backlit LED bathroom mirror. With its modern oval shape and bright LED lighting, this smart mirror will transform your vanity into a spa-like oasis.

This LED mirror provides more than just excellent illumination for applying makeup and grooming. It also offers customizable lighting features to create the perfect ambiance in your bathroom. The integrated LEDs produce a crisp, natural light at three different color temperatures – warm 3000K, natural 4500K, and cool daylight 6000K. Easily adjust the color temperature by touching the control switch to suit your mood and activity. Applying makeup? Opt for the bright 6000K daylight setting. Want a soft glow for a relaxing bath? Switch to the warmer 3000K light. The mirror remembers your preferred light setting, so you won’t have to adjust it every time.

Controlling the LEDs is easy with the intuitive touch-sensor switch. Touch once to turn the lights on and off. Touch and hold to smoothly dim the lights from a soft glow to the maximum brightness. No more blinding lights when you want a subtler illumination! The mirror automatically turns off after 10 hours for safety and energy savings.

With its ample 28 x 20 inch size, this LED mirror provides clear views without any blind spots or distortions. The 4mm thick copper-free silver mirror glass gives you a true reflection while being shatter-resistant for safety. Since bathrooms tend to get steamy, this mirror has an anti-fog feature to keep the glass clear after your hot showers. Just press the anti-fog button as needed, and it will prevent fogging for up to an hour.

This LED mirror has an IP44 waterproof rating, making it safe to install above any bathroom sink. The moisture-sealed design prevents water damage from splashes and condensation. Installation is quick and easy with the included hardware. Choose hardwired or plug-in installation.

For reliable performance, this BuLife mirror uses top-quality materials and components. The integrated LEDs are rated to last for 50,000 hours of use. That’s over 27 years if used for 5 hours daily! The durable silver mirror glass resists corrosion and is safer than conventional glass.

With its stylish oval shape, customizable lighting, anti-fogging, and easy installation, this smart LED mirror is perfect for modern bathroom renovations and upgrades. The multi-functional design provides bright task lighting, atmospheric accent lighting, and a fog-free reflection for grooming and makeup application.

Add a touch of contemporary style and functionality to your bathroom with the BuLife Oval Backlit LED Mirror!

Product Features

Oval shape with 28 x 20 inch viewing area
Integrated LEDs with warm, natural and cool color options (3000K, 4500K, 6000K)
Touch controls to turn on/off, dim, and change color temperature
Memory function stores your preferred light setting
Brightness ranges from soft glow to 6000K maximum
Anti-fog feature keeps the mirror clear after steamy showers
IP44 waterproof rating for safe use in humid bathrooms
4mm shatter-resistant silver mirror glass
LEDs rated for 50,000 hours / over 27 years of daily use
Easy hardwired or plug-in installation
Comes with mounting hardware, instructions


Modern and stylish oval shape stands out
Customizable lighting sets the mood – great for makeup!
Touch controls make operation easy
Memory function eliminates constant light adjustments
Anti-fog keeps the mirror clear after baths and showers
Waterproof and shatter-proof for bathroom safety
Long-lasting LEDs provide years of reliable service
Suitable for new installations or bathroom upgrades
Easy to install with included hardware
With its versatile lighting features, anti-fogging technology and stylish modern design, this BuLife LED mirror is the perfect focal point for any bathroom renovation or upgrade. The smart controls and pre-set lighting options create the ideal ambiance for makeup, grooming and relaxing. Invest in this quality LED mirror to add beauty, safety and convenience to your bathroom!


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