Illuminate Any Occasion with Luxurious Bolsius Ivory Pillar Candles



Bring a warm and welcoming glow to special events with the Bolsius 6 Ivory Pillar Candles Set. Crafted with care in Europe, these elegant ivory candles make an affordable luxury for holidays, intimate dinners, spa days, and more.

Candlelight That’s Built to Last

Don’t settle for candles that fizzle out after just a few hours. The Bolsius pillar candles are designed to provide an incredible 116+ hours of clean-burning light.

The secret lies in the meticulously crafted 100% cotton wicks. They’re constructed to burn slowly and steadily without smoking or releasing any scent. This ensures maximum burn time from each long-lasting candle.

Bolsius only uses the highest quality paraffin wax. This proprietary formula allows the candles to melt just right, so wax never drips down the side. The ivory wax also presents a bright, consistent flame that feels classic and luxurious.

With Bolsius, you can relax knowing these unscented pillar candles will burn evenly from the first light to the last. No need to monitor the wick height or trim the wax. Just sit back and enjoy the warm, welcoming ambiance.

Dress Up Any Tablescape

Make an elegant statement at your next dinner party with Bolsius ivory candles. Nestle these substantial 3 x 9 inch pillars into attractive candle holders to frame a beautiful tablescape.

The clean burning light will set a relaxed mood during meals without producing smoke that can interfere with dining. The neutral ivory wax also works with any table linens and dinnerware.

For more intimate meals, use a pair of Bolsius candles to illuminate a table for two. The flickering light encourages easy conversation during your weekly date night or anniversary celebration.

Or dress up your mantel or sideboard with a row of ivory pillars to showcase during the holidays. The classic style matches timeless Christmas decorations but looks lovely all winter long.

Thoughtful Candle Gifts

Make gift giving easy with this set of 6 ivory pillar candles. The Bolsius name guarantees you’re giving a high-quality European candle product.

Candle lovers will appreciate these long-lasting pillars on cold winter nights. The 116+ hours of burn time provides cozy lighting for reading or crafting all season long.

Those who enjoy spa days will adore lighting these candles while drawing a bath. The smokeless burn prevents waxy buildup on tile and mirrors as the ivory pillars create a peaceful glow.

Or give the gift of romance with these dinner table candles. Set the scene for engagement celebrations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day dinners, and more. The neutral ivory look allows candles to complement any date-night ambiance.

Clean Ingredients from a Name You Can Trust

Bolsius has been handcrafting candles in Europe for over 50 years. Their experience and heritage shines through in every artisanal candle.

These ivory pillars are proudly made with:

100% Paraffin Wax – Odorless, smokeless, and non-allergenic wax allows for flawless performance and 116+ hour burn times.
Cotton Wicks – Expertly constructed for a steady, even burn with no breakage or hassle.
No Dyes or Fragrances – The neutral ivory color comes from pure paraffin wax. No scents or dyes are added.
No Palm Oil – Contain 0% palm oil often linked to deforestation.
No Animal Products – Completely free of beeswax, tallow, or other animal-derived ingredients. Vegan friendly.
Light up your home with the beauty of Bolsius without any harsh chemicals or mystery ingredients. Their centuries-old candle-making techniques deliver a premium product every time.

Illuminate Every Occasion

Keep the Bolsius 6 Ivory Pillar Candle Set on hand for whenever you need to infuse festive, elegant lighting.

These smokeless, dripless candles are perfect for:

Holiday Gatherings – Set a warm mood with ivory candlelight at Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and more
Romantic Evenings – Dinners, anniversaries, dates, Valentine’s Day, and popping the question!
Relaxation – Provide soothing ambiance for yoga, reading by the fire, bubble baths, or meditation
Parties – Celebrations, dinner parties, weddings, showers, and candlelit backyard soirées
Home Décor – Accent your mantel, console table, sideboard, or dining room year-round
Elevate your next special occasion with the exceptional quality of Bolsius Ivory Pillar Candles. With 116+ hours of clean-burning light, you can infuse pure, welcoming ambiance at a moment’s notice. Order a set today!


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