Gather Your Family Under This Majestic Tree and Watch Your Home Flourish with Beauty



Introducing the CrazyDeal Family Tree Wall Decor – an abstract wall art piece that brings the strength and solidarity of a family tree to your home decor. This sprawling 60×16 inch wall sticker is made of shatterproof acrylic mirror pieces that you assemble yourself for a rewarding DIY project.

See Your Family Grow on This Stately Tree

This wall decor features a contemporary abstract tree design with branches that seem to grow before your eyes. The 33 mirror pieces fit together like a puzzle to create a cohesive and eye-catching feature wall that symbolizes your family’s continued expansion and endurance.

The mirrored surface adds depth and light to your space while complementing both modern and traditional home aesthetics. Gather the kids or grandkids and watch their faces light up as they help piece together this family tree – a wonderful way to spend quality time while creating a meaningful work of art.

An Elegant Addition to Your Entryway, Bedroom, or Living Room

This versatile wall sticker is suitable for an array of different rooms in your home. Hang it in the entryway to give guests a warm welcome. Place it in the living room to gather friends and family or to simply add a touch of style.

You can even add it to your bedroom as a daily reminder of those you hold dear. Wherever you choose, it will elevate the space with its striking form and reflective properties.

Made to Be Safe, Durable, and Long-Lasting

CrazyDeal uses shatterproof acrylic mirror for this eye-catching decor, making it safer than glass around rambunctious kids and pets. It is also lightweight compared to traditional glass mirrors, so you can easily install it using strong double-sided tape.

The acrylic material is impact resistant and built to last for years of enjoyment. It brings the look of real mirror without the worries of breakage. Just think of all the family fun and traditions you’ll build around this decorative statement piece that will be passed down through generations!

Quick and Simple Do-It-Yourself Assembly for Family Bonding

Putting this wall sticker together is an enjoyable DIY project for the whole family. Use the included guide stickers to easily align each mirror piece until the full tree comes to life before your eyes.

It’s an activity that encourages cooperation and communication. Plus, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when it’s finally complete. Not only will you have a stunning art piece, but a shared experience your family will treasure.

An Affordable Statement Piece That Complements Any Décor

This versatile wall art allows you to add a dramatic decorative accent to your home without spending a fortune. The abstract tree design works with any existing furnishings and color palettes, seamlessly blending into your décor.

Whether your style is modern, bohemian, traditional, or somewhere in between, this tree sticker will be a stunning complement. The interlocking mirror pieces catch and reflect light beautifully, taking your space from bland to brilliant.

Brighten Up Any Room with This Radiant Focal Point

The CrazyDeal Family Tree Wall Décor infuses any room with an instant sense of warmth and vitality. As the acrylic mirror pieces scatter incoming light around the room, they create a feeling of spaciousness and illumination.

Use this eye-catching tree sticker as a glamorous focal point to liven up a dull wall. Its towering form and reflective finish will draw the eye, while the overlapping abstract shapes provide intriguing visual texture. Let it cast a shimmering glow over your living room, bedroom or entryway.

An Artistic Way to Honor Your Loved Ones
This wall sticker is so much more than just a decorative accent. As you piece it together, visualize your family’s story unfolding across its branches. Let it remind you of all the special souls who are part of your family’s legacy.

Hang family photos from its boughs or place framed portraits of loved ones around it to create a meaningful vignage wall. Not only will you have stunning art, but a daily reminder of the people you cherish most. There’s no better way to pay tribute to your family ties!

Make an Eye-Catching Statement Anywhere in Your Home

The CrazyDeal Family Tree Wall Décor is ideal for any room where you want to add some visual impact. At 3 feet wide, it draws the eye yet still fits nicely on any standard wall. Hang above the sofa, next to the bed, in the hallway, or even use two in the kitchen for a dramatic look.

Since it’s made of lightweight acrylic plastic, you can also adhere it easily to textured walls. The mirrored pieces add lovely luminosity without taking up floor space like a standing tree. Infuse your home with a sparkling artistic touch!

A Meaningful Housewarming, Wedding or Anniversary Gift

For newlyweds or new homeowners, this family tree is a thoughtful housewarming gift as they start their new lives together. Or present it on a 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary to symbolize how two souls have flourished as one family.

This wall art will gracefully adapt as the family grows, with open branches waiting for new siblings, babies, aunts, uncles and more. The reflective surface represents the light and joy they bring to your life. It’s sure to be a treasured heirloom!


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