Find Order in the Entryway with the DADILL Wooden Tree Coat Rack



As you walk in through the front door, you want your entryway to make a great first impression. Cluttered floors and messy piles of outerwear are the enemy of household organization. Take control of the chaos with the DADILL Wooden Tree Coat Rack – an attractive solution for corralling coats, hats, scarves, bags and more. Customize the height and branch arrangements to suit your needs, while the stable triangular base keeps the rack firmly grounded. Assembly takes just minutes with the included hardware and manual. Discover the stylish storage power of the DADILL coat rack tree today!

Sturdy Materials Ensure Lasting Performance

At the core of the DADILL coat rack is its quality construction from durable materials built to endure. Both the central pole and three-prong legs are made of solid lacquered rubber wood – renowned for its density and water-resistance. The premium lacquer finish protects the naturally beautiful wood grain from moisture, scratches and wear.

The eight coat hooks extend from branches of the same high-grade rubber wood. Attached with metal screws, they can reliably bear the weight of heavy outerwear like jackets, coats and overcoats. No detail has been overlooked, with special polishing to smooth any rough edges on the wooden parts.

Adjustable Height Perfect for Any Home

Not every entryway is the same height, so the DADILL coat rack features an adjustable central column to adapt to your needs. Choose from two different assembled heights:

3 Sections (54.9 inches): Ideal for kids’ rooms, lower ceilings or above furniture
4 Sections (68.8 inches): Maximum height for adult entryways and high ceilings

You can also use just the top 2 sections (40.3 inches) to create a bedside rack. The versatility of height settings ensures a custom fit for your space.

Smart Triangular Base Prevents Tip-Overs

A coat rack is only as good as its stability. Top-heavy designs are prone to falling over, especially when holding heavy garments. The DADILL coat rack is engineered for superior stability using a triangular base with three rubberwood legs.

Mimicking the sturdy roots of an actual tree, this tripod-style base leverages the power of triangles to remain steady. The wide footprint prevents tipping even when the hooks are loaded with winter coats. No more chasing a fallen coat rack across the floor!

Hanging Options for Coats, Hats, Bags and More

The DADILL coat rack’s 8 wooden hooks provide ample space to hang garments and accessories in the entryway. Keep coats, jackets, hats, scarves, bags, umbrellas and more organized.

Two hooks extend from each of the three branches, while a pair also hangs below the first section. Multiple hooks allow each family member to have dedicated space for their outerwear. No more arguing over whose coat is whose!

The smooth lacquered wood of the hooks won’t snag delicate fabrics like wool or cashmere. They’re also rounded for comfort when slipping coats and jackets on and off.

Easy Tool-Free Assembly in Minutes

Who wants to waste time puzzling over complicated furniture instructions or hunting for missing parts? The DADILL coat rack is designed for quick, frustration-free assembly so you can start using it right away.

All necessary hardware is included with the set. Simply align the label-matched wooden pieces and insert the metal screws by hand to join them tightly. Tightening the screws together creates a solid uniform rack ready for use in just minutes!

With easy step-by-step instructions, even kids can help put it together. No power drills or fancy tools needed. Assembly is quick and painless.

Convenient Storage Solution for Small Spaces

The DADILL coat rack is ideal for apartment dwellers, condo owners and anyone dealing with cramped square footage. It occupies minimal floor space compared to bulky furniture like cabinets or benches. The compact triangular base takes up less than half a square foot.

Storing outerwear on the rack also frees up closet space and declutters room floors. Its slim profile can fit unobtrusively in small entryways or tight corners. Downsizing and consolidating has never been so beautiful!

When it’s time to move, the rack dismantles and packs up with ease. Relocating your storage solutions is hassle-free thanks to a lightweight design crafted from natural wood. Simply disassemble and bring it along to the new home.

Sleek, Modern Styling

Beyond smart storage, the DADILL coat rack infuses stylish flair into your entryway. Its natural wooden construction provides warm, organic contrast to sterile metal racks. The pleasing tree shape and gentle contours add a touch of nature to modern interiors.

The sleek design language blends flawlessly with contemporary, industrial, mid-century modern, farmhouse and urban spaces alike. Matte black lacquer finish gives a subtle elegance befitting the modern minimalist aesthetic. Use it to complement your carefully curated home decor.

We Stand Behind Our Craftsmanship

DADILL is committed to total customer satisfaction. Our products undergo extensive quality control and testing prior to shipment. In the unlikely event any issues arise, please reach out to our friendly customer service team. We take pride in promptly addressing concerns to ensure you have a positive experience with our coat rack.

Bring peace, style and order to your entryway with the multifunctional DADILL Wooden Tree Coat Rack today!


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