Explore The Streets of Imaginationville With This Adventure-Packed Kids Road Traffic Play Rug!



Drive Down Discovery Lane with the ALL-NEW Imaginationville Traffic Play Rug!

Young minds will be ignited and creativity unleashed as they cruise down the streets of Imaginationville – the most exciting pretend play city around! This jumbo sized 6.6′ x 5′ play rug is jam-packed with hands-on fun, inviting kids to explore and learn through interactive playtime adventures.

With delightfully detailed artwork, this imagination-building play space features all the sights of a bustling city, just waiting to be brought to life. Vroom vroom down the busy main roads, stopping to fuel up at the gas station. Honk honk as you pass by the shops, schools, hospital, hotel, and more. Say hello to the friendly farmers and their animals over at the countryside farm. Just watch as their faces light up when the fire engine zooms by with sirens blaring! The creative possibilities are endless with this rug that’s ideal for interactive pretend play.

Built Tough for Hours of Fun – Stop, Go, and Let Imaginations Grow!

This rug is thoughtfully designed and constructed using high quality materials to withstand active playtime. The soft, plush pile feels great under feet and hands, while the non-slip latex backing keeps the rug safely in place. Vibrant dyes woven into the durable polypropylene fibers ensure the roads, buildings, and characters pop with colorful personality that kids will adore. The tightly woven surface wipes clean easily so the roads are prepped for the next flurry of impromptu adventures.

Gather the Whole Neighborhood for Group Playtime!

At a generous 6.6 feet long x 5 feet wide, this oversized activity rug provides ample room for friends, siblings, or cousins to cruise around Imaginationville together. Kids can roleplay and interact, practicing sharing, cooperation, and communication…all while having blast! Adults can get in on the fun too during family playtime. Its oversized design also makes it ideal for daycares and classrooms.

Fuel Young Minds in the Most Important Years!

Open-ended pretend play provides a powerful opportunity for developing minds to problem solve, collaborate, and think creatively. As young ones navigate and explore the busy streets of Imaginationville, they will be building cognitive, social-emotional, and motor skills…all under the guise of fun! Early development experts agree: interactive play spaces like this road traffic rug help lay the foundation for future success.

Bring Imaginationville Home Today!

Cruising through childhood should be full of curiosity, laughter, and memories that last a lifetime. This pretend play rug paved the way! So go ahead: Throw open your doors to the most magical streets in town and let imaginations hit the road running free!

Vroom vroom…the all-new Imaginationville Traffic Play Rug is ready to be the highlight of any playroom!


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