Elevate Your Workspace with This Stylish & Functional Adjustable Rolling Desk



Tired of being confined to one work area in your home? Do you need more flexibility and options for where you set up your laptop or computer? Introducing the incredible DlandHome Rolling Desk, the adjustable standing desk on wheels that allows you to easily move your workspace anywhere in your home. With a retro design and quality construction, this rolling desk provides the perfect portable solution for remote work, distance learning, crafting, and more.

Product Highlights:

Dimensions of 31.5″ L x 15.7″ W x 28″-35.4″ H
Durable wood composite surface and powder coated steel frame
Height adjusts from 28″-35.4″, accommodating standing or sitting
Smooth rolling 3″ wheels with locks keep it stationary when needed
Holds up to 30 lbs for your laptop, monitor, supplies and more
Built-in slots neatly hold your cellphone, tablet, and other accessories
Rounded corners and edges prevent bruising and injuries
Take Your Work Anywhere
The possibilities are endless with the DlandHome rolling desk. Easily move it room to room to always work in your optimal environment. Position it next to the window to enjoy natural light during the day, then roll it in front of the TV at night so you can work while watching your favorite shows. The four smooth rolling wheels glide over hardwood, tile, and carpet with ease. Lock the wheels when you’ve found the perfect spot to keep the desk firmly in place.

Adjust the Height with a Simple Squeeze
Customize the desk height from 28″ to 35.4″ with the lever-controlled pneumatic lift mechanism. Release the lever and position it at the ideal height for sitting on the couch or standing while working. The top adjusts smoothly, allowing you to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day. This feature promotes better posture, increases energy levels, and relieves back and neck pain often associated with prolonged sitting.

Beautiful and Sturdy Construction
Built from solid wood particle board with an environmental E1 grade and no industrial glues, the main surface offers plenty of space for your laptop, phone, notepad and other necessities. The powder coated steel base provides a solid foundation that holds up to 30 lbs of weight evenly. The retro design is stylish for any room décor and adds a decorative accent in addition to its functionality.

Humancentric Design
Thoughtful details make this rolling desk a pleasure to use. The built-in slots neatly hold your cellphone, tablet, pens and other items within reach. Smooth rounded corners prevent bruises from sharp edges. A plum handle makes it easy to squeeze the lever and adjust the height. Caster wheels glide smoothly across all floor types so you can reposition it with minimal effort.

Enhance Focus and Productivity
The DlandHome Rolling Desk facilitates a more focused, productive environment. The freedom to move encourages you to change locations when you need a fresh perspective. Standing while working results in improved concentration and energy. Keep your laptop secure while moving around the house. The possibilities are unlimited with this mobile desk unit!

Set Up Your Ideal Workspace Anywhere
There are so many ways to use the DlandHome Rolling Desk:

Next to your favorite reading chair or sofa
In front of the TV for working during shows
At the dining room table for family study time
In the bedroom for late night work sessions
On the patio for outdoor workspace with a view
By the window upstairs during the day
In the basement rec room at night
Whether you’re working from home, distance learning, crafting, or running an internet business, this wheeled laptop table lets you set up shop wherever inspiration strikes. The smooth mobility makes it easy to switch locations based on mood or activity. The standing height option encourages movement throughout the day, while the wheeled base allows quick transitions from room to room.

Superior Value and Carefree Convenience
Priced affordably, the DlandHome Rolling Desk provides premium quality and functionality that enhances any home office or workspace. The mobile design allows you the flexibility to work where you want, when you want. The solid construction is made to last for years of daily use. This desk on wheels makes it easy to integrate more movement, change environments, alternate postures, and add variety to your daily routine.

Experience improved focus, comfort, and productivity with the DlandHome Rolling Desk today!


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