DVG Deep Dish Bookcase Game Counter Trays – Set of 5 Spacious Storage Solutions



Take your board game organization to the next level with this set of 5 deep dish bookcase game counter trays from DVG. These sturdy trays provide ample storage for all your board game pieces, cards, tokens and more, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible.

Spacious 20-Compartment Design

Each tray features 20 individual compartments perfect for sorting game components. The compartments are a generous 7/8″ deep, giving you plenty of room to store all kinds of game pieces and parts. Whether you need to organize resources like ore, wheat, sheep and brick, or keep track of settlements, cities and roads, these trays have the space you need to keep everything in its place.

Perfect for Standard Bookcase Game Boxes

These trays are specially designed to fit almost any standard-sized board game box that you would store on a shelf. They are ideal for use with popular modern board games, as well as classic titles. The trays will not fit smaller game boxes, but for standard sized games, they offer a secure home for all your precious pieces.

Made of Durable Materials

Constructed from sturdy cardboard and plastic, these trays are built to last. The ribbed cardboard design gives them extra strength and rigidity to maintain their shape during use. The plastic tray bottoms provide durability during stacking and sliding trays in and out of your game box.

Keeps Contents Securely Contained

The 7/8” compartment depth helps keep game pieces, cards and other components neatly contained within the tray. To ensure contents stay put when storing or transporting games, simply use tape, rubber bands or elastic cords to securely seal the trays closed. This prevents any mixups or spills inside your game box.

Set of 5 for Flexible Storage

With 5 trays in a set, you get plenty of storage options. Use each tray for organizing a different type of game component or portion your pieces between trays. Having multiple trays is also useful when you need to take a portion of a game’s pieces on the go.

Organize and Protect Your Collection

Any avid board gamer knows how important it is to keep precious game components organized, easily accessible and protected from damage or loss. These bookcase trays are the ideal accessory for keeping your favorite board games neatly arranged on shelves, whether at home or in a game cafe. The spacious compartments keep everything sorted so you can quickly set up and take down games.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Game Nights

There’s nothing worse than a disorganized mess of game pieces ruining a fun game night. With your games neatly sorted into the compartmented DVG trays, you’ll cut down prep and packing up time, letting you spend more quality time playing.

Make Putting Games Away a Breeze

These trays streamline post-game clean up. Just stack them neatly inside the game box and put it back on the shelf. No more searching for stray pieces or struggling to get everything back into a jumbled box.

Trusted Quality from DVG

For over 15 years, DVG has been creating top-quality accessories and upgrades for tabletop gaming. They are renowned for their precision gaming trays, deck boxes, carrying cases and more. DVG products are made by gamers for gamers and built to last.

Product Details:

Set includes 5 game trays.
Each tray has 20 compartments, 7/8” deep.
Trays fit standard bookcase game boxes.
Constructed from sturdy cardboard and plastic.
Secure contents with tape, bands or cords.
Dimensions: 11” x 7.75” x 1” (each tray)

Take your board game storage to the next level and make game nights smoother with this 5-pack of deep dish bookcase trays from DVG. The spacious 20-compartment design keeps all your game components neatly organized and securely contained. Reduce game prep and tear down time and keep your collection looking pristine with these durable and customizable trays. Order a set today and level up your board game organization!


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