Doyingus Sleek and Compact Soft Close Trash Can – Convenient Foot Pedal Design Removes Hands from Mess



Tidy up your home with the sleek and stylish Doyingus Soft Close Trash Can. This compact wastebasket is designed for smaller spaces and features a convenient foot pedal that allows you to toss trash without ever using your hands. The soft-close lid ensures no loud slams or disruptive noises.

Sleek Modern Design

This trash can features a slim, rectangular shape that slides neatly into tight spaces. At just 11.2 x 5.5 x 11 inches, it tucks perfectly under sinks, in cabinets, or wherever you need compact garbage storage. The minimalist style features crisp lines and a smooth white finish that complements any decor from modern to traditional. Despite its compact size, the inner bucket provides 5 liters of storage space for trash and waste.

Convenient Foot Pedal

The durable foot pedal allows you to simply step down to open the lid, keeping your hands free from mess and germs. No need to touch dirty lids or handles to toss trash. The pedal is thoughtfully designed to withstand daily use and the lid has a tight seal to contain odors when closed.

Soft Close Lid

Unlike most basic trash cans, the Doyingus wastebasket features a soft close lid that prevents loud banging sounds. The hydraulic slow-down design gently closes the lid so you never have to endure disruptive noise from slamming lids. It’s considerate for shared offices, bedrooms, or anywhere you don’t want bothersome noise.

Odor Resistant Design

This trash can features an excellent seal and bamboo lid that prevent dirty odors from escaping, even in hot summer temperatures. No more worrying about your wastebasket emitting unpleasant smells when closed. The durable plastic liner bucket also wipes clean easily.

Removable Inner Bucket

The inner wastebucket conveniently lifts out for quick and easy trash disposal and cleaning. Simply lift it out by the built-in handle and dump waste as needed. The smooth plastic material also wipes clean with minimal effort.

Compact Dimensions

This wastebasket measures just 11.2 x 5.5 x 11 inches, making it ideal for smaller spaces. The slim rectangular shape allows it to slide neatly into tight spots and compact areas. It’s perfect inside cabinets, under sinks and counters, in office cubicles, dorm rooms, and other places with limited space. The small size also makes it great for bathrooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and workspace organization.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Doyingus wants all customers to be fully satisfied with their purchase. We promise to provide a full refund or replacement if your trash can arrives damaged, dented, or if you are unsatisfied for any reason. Just contact us for a hassle-free return or exchange.

Why Customers Love It

★ “This is the perfect little trash can for my bathroom. It fits perfectly between the toilet and sink cabinet.”

★ “I love the foot pedal design. No more messy touching lids or worrying about germs.”

★ “It’s amazing how much this small can holds. I empty it far less than my old mini trash can.”

★ “The soft close is so quiet compared to other wastebaskets. No more loud annoying slams.”

★ “I was impressed by the modern streamlined look. It looks far more expensive than it is.”

Technical Details

Dimensions: 11.2 x 5.5 x 11 inches
Capacity: 5 liters / 1.3 gallons
Material: Plastic
Soft close lid with foot pedal operation
Removable inner bucket
Odor resistant design
Color: White
Bring convenience and modern style to your small spaces with the Doyingus Soft Close Trash Can. It’s designed to provide mess-free trash disposal anywhere you need compact waste storage. Click Add to Cart now to keep your home tidy in style.


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