DMI Foldable Box Spring and Mattress Support Platform – Conveniently Streamline Your Bed for Added Comfort and Durability



Give your mattress the extra support it needs and add years of life with the DMI Foldable Box Spring. This innovative bed base replaces a traditional bulky box spring to provide a slim, lightweight and portable mattress foundation. The sturdy slat system offers evenly distributed support to keep mattresses from sagging, while the folding design allows for compact storage and travel.

Supports and Extends the Life of Your Mattress

Traditional mattresses require the use of a bulky box spring which can be difficult to move and take up a lot of space. The DMI Foldable Box Spring eliminates the need for a cumbersome box spring by acting as a supportive base for your mattress. The rigid surface prevents your mattress from sagging, keeping it firm and comfortable for years to come.

Low Profile Design Saves Space

This bunkie board is designed to conserve space with its slim 3/4 inch profile. When folded, it reduces to a mere 1.5 inches thick for compact storage. The twin size measures 60 x 30 inches (152 x 76 cm) making it the ideal size for kids beds, bunk beds, daybeds and more. Now you can maximize your living space without sacrificing mattress support.

Portable and Lightweight for Travel

The foldable design and lightweight 9 pound construction make this bed base highly portable. Take it along in the RV, bring it to grandma’s house, or store it away to make room for company. Wherever you need an extra bed, this convenient box spring makes mattress set up quick and easy.

Sturdy Support Slats Prevent Mattress Sag

This mattress foundation contains sturdy steel slats designed to prevent your mattress from sagging. The evenly spaced slats provide optimal support and alignment for your spine no matter what type of mattress you use. Give new life to hand-me-down mattresses or maintain the comfort of a new mattress for longer.

Use With Nearly Any Mattress Type

The DMI Foldable Box Spring is compatible with a wide variety of mattress types and sizes. It works great with memory foam, latex foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. The 3/16 inch thick slat system prevents your mattress from bottoming out on the bed frame or bunkie board. Get added support for old mattresses, sofa beds, bunk beds, trundle beds and more.

Easy Assembly Without Tools or Hardware

Simply place the mattress support on top of your bed frame and you’re done. No tools, no hardware, and no complicated instructions required. The hinge allows the bed base to easily fold open and flatten itself into position. Just lay your mattress on top and enjoy the extra comfort and support.

Compact Storage Under 30 Inches

When not in use, the box spring folds down to 30 x 15 x 1.5 inches. Tuck it away neatly in a closet, under the bed, or slide it under a trundle bed or bunk bed. The slim profile takes up minimal storage space compared to traditional box springs.

High Quality Durable Construction

Expertly constructed from powder coated steel, this bunkie board is built to last. The rigid steel slats offer superior support and the hinged design allows for thousands of folds. Use it as a permanent foundation or for the occasional guest bed. Either way, this box spring is made to handle repeated use.

For Use On Bed Frames, Bunk Beds, Trundles, and More

This mattress platform works great on bed frames, metal frames, bunk beds, daybeds, trundle beds, or adjustable beds. Place it on top of the frame, spread it open, and lay your mattress on top. The foldable box spring will add support and prevent sagging.


  • Replaces bulky box spring for a slim, space saving design
  • Sturdy steel slats offer even mattress support
  • Folds down to 1.5 inches for compact storage and portability
  • Lightweight 9 pound construction for easy transport
  • Helps extend mattress life by preventing sag
  • Works with all mattress types including memory foam
  • Compatible with twin beds, bunk beds, daybeds and more
  • Easy to assemble, no tools or hardware required
  • Durable steel construction built to last

Give your mattress the support system it deserves with the DMI Foldable Box Spring. Save space in your home, take it on the go, and keep mattresses feeling comfortable and supportive for years to come. Order today and provide the sturdy foundation your mattress needs!


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