DIYIIRON EVA Foam Headboard Stoppers – The Ultimate Solution to a Noisy, Shaking Bed Frame



Is your bed frame banging against the wall every night? Are you tired of being jolted awake by the loud noises and vibrations from your headboard slamming into the wall? We have the perfect solution for you – the DIYIIRON EVA Foam Headboard Stoppers!

These innovative EVA foam stoppers easily attach to your headboard or bed frame to prevent noise and shaking. The high density EVA foam absorbs vibration and impact, stopping your bed from banging on the wall and keeping things quiet at night. The self adhesive backing attaches securely without any drilling or hardware required. Just peel and stick!

Installing the DIYIIRON EVA Foam Headboard Stoppers takes just minutes, but makes a world of difference:

  • Stops loud banging and shaking sounds from headboard hitting the wall
  • Absorbs vibration to prevent noise disturbances and interrupted sleep
  • Protects walls from damage and scratches
  • Self adhesive backing for quick and easy installation
  • Removable and won’t damage furniture or walls

These multi-purpose EVA foam pads have a myriad of uses beyond just headboard stoppers. Cut them to size to use on table legs, chair legs, washing machines, or any furniture that slides or makes noise. The strong adhesive backing sticks to almost any surface and the 10mm thick padding absorbs shock and impact.

The DIYIIRON Headboard Stoppers are made from premium quality EVA foam that is durable and long-lasting. The high density foam is engineered for maximum noise dampening. Multiple pads can be stacked or overlapped to increase thickness too.

With over 1,000 5-star reviews, customers love these easy to install headboard stoppers:

“This stuff is amazing! I put it between my headboard and the wall and it completely stopped the banging sound it was making before. So easy to stick on and made a huge difference.”

“Wow, I wish I had bought these foam stoppers years ago for my kids’ beds. No more loud bangs as they jump into bed. It protects the walls too. Love it!”

Experience peaceful, quiet nights again with the DIYIIRON EVA Foam Headboard Stoppers. Order today and end the nuisance of a noisy, banging bed frame once and for all. Your walls will thank you!


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