Discover Your Beauty – Introducing the BRIGHTINWD Illuminated Vanity Mirror with Lights



Beauty begins from within, but having the right tools to put your best face forward makes all the difference. From customizable lighting to handy magnification for detail work, the BRIGHTINWD Illuminated Vanity Mirror brings out your inner glow and highlights your natural beauty. With its Hollywood style lighting and wide 18.78″ x 14.37″ viewing area, this vanity mirror is designed to make you look and feel your absolute best every single day.

See Yourself in the Best Light

Proper lighting can make or break your makeup application and skincare routine. The BRIGHTINWD vanity mirror features customizable LED lighting with 3 brightness levels and color temperature settings:

Bright White Light – The crisp, bright white light simulates natural daylight, perfect for applying makeup and seeing true colors.
Warm White Light – This soft, warm glow is ideal for evening makeup and a flattering look before bedtime.
Yellow Light – The yellow tones cut through shadows and brighten dark circles, making it easy to spot and conceal blemishes.
The lighting is controlled with an easy-to-use touch sensor on the front. No more squinting in poor lighting or struggling with makeup that looks perfect in the bathroom but fails to translate in natural light. This tri-color LED system ensures you look flawless no matter where you go.

Rotation and Magnification for Maximum Use

The 360-degree rotating design lets you adjust and lock this mirror at the perfect viewing angle, whether you’re sitting upright doing your makeup or leaning in close for detail work like plucking eyebrows or applying eyeliner.

The tabletop design also makes this a versatile addition to any bedroom or bathroom vanity. Measuring just 5mm thick, it sits nearly flush against the wall when not in use. The sleek, frameless oval mirror looks elegant and modern in contemporary spaces.

For precision work like shaping eyebrows, a 10X magnification mirror pulls out and extends on an adjustable arm. The suction cup backing keeps it stable hands-free, for better control and accuracy while you work.

Long-Lasting Clarity and Durability

The BRIGHTINWD vanity mirror features distortion-free glass backed by copper to prevent yellowing over time. The dimmable LED lighting provides bright, even illumination across the entire mirror surface. From edge to edge, you’ll get a clear view without any dark spots or shadows.

The LEDs are built to last over 50,000 hours, so you can enjoy this illuminated mirror for years of effective beauty routines. All materials meet strict quality control standards and are certified safe for use.

A Thoughtful Gift for Any Beauty Lover

With its brightness customization, magnification for detail work, and adjustable viewing angles, this lighted vanity mirror makes a thoughtful gift for any beauty lover. Surprise your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or friend with this all-in-one mirror perfect for makeup, skincare, and hair styling.

It’s an especially welcome gift for those living in dorms, apartments, and spaces with poor existing lighting. The portable, tabletop design works great for travel too.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

BRIGHTINWD stands behind all products with a 12-month replacement guarantee. We have full confidence our illuminated vanity mirror will exceed your expectations for quality and performance. However, on the rare chance any issues arise during use or delivery, we promise to make it right to your complete satisfaction.

Our friendly customer service team is available by email anytime to answer questions and address any concerns. Contact us 24/7 and we will respond within 24 hours to resolve the problem promptly.

Discover the beauty secrets makeup artists have relied on in Hollywood for decades. Order the BRIGHTINWD Illuminated Vanity Mirror today to reveal your most luminous, confident self every morning.


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