Discover Traditional Asian Cooking with This Handcrafted Round Bottom Carbon Steel Wok Set



Introducing the Xiwang 13.4″ Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok Set – An Authentic Round Bottom Wok Pan for Stir-Fries, Steaming and More

As any experienced home cook knows, having the right cookware can make all the difference in preparing delicious meals. This is especially true when it comes to stir-frying authentic Asian cuisine. The hallmark of Asian cooking is the versatile wok pan, which allows for quick, even heating and tossing of ingredients over high heat.

The Xiwang traditional hand hammered carbon steel wok brings this essential piece of cookware to your home kitchen. Crafted from heavy gauge carbon steel and hand hammered by skilled Chinese artisans, this wok provides superb heat conduction and retention for brilliant stir-fries, steaming and more.

Why Xiwang’s Carbon Steel Wok is the Clear Choice:

Hand Hammered by Artisans for Even Heating – The hand hammering process creates tiny dimples to hold heat-conducting oil, leading to fast, even heating.
Durable 15 Gauge Carbon Steel – At 2.0mm thick, this wok is crafted from heavier carbon steel than many others, for longevity and performance.
Round Bottom Design for Stir-Frying – The traditional round bottom is perfect for tossing ingredients in an authentic wok hay (breath of the wok) stir-fry.
Naturally Non-Stick When Seasoned – Seasoned with oil for a natural non-stick patina, this wok offers easy food release when maintained properly.
Cool Touch Helper Handle – Safe to grasp when stir-frying over high heat.
8 Useful Wok Accessories Included – Wooden spatula, ladle, brush and more for cooking versatility.
All-in-One Carbon Steel Wok Set for Authentic Asian Cooking

This Xiwang wok set provides everything you need to cook like a pro and enjoy restaurant quality stir-fries, steaming and more at home.

The complete 13 piece wok set includes:

1 x 13.4” Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok Pan
1 x Wok Lid (not shown in images)
1 x Wooden and Steel Helper Handle
1 x Wire Mesh Wok Ring
1 x Wok Brush
1 x Oil Drainage Rack
1 x Slotted Turner Spatula
1 x Slotted Spatula
1 x Wok Spatula
1 x Soup Ladle
1 x Pair of Chopsticks
From pan frying dumplings to tossing up crispy beef with broccoli, this versatile wok set equips you with all the tools needed for everyday Asian cooking. The included accessories like the spatula, ladle and brush make cooking – and cleanup – easy.

Authentic Round Bottom Wok for Serving up to 6 People

With a spacious 13.4 inch cooking surface, the Xiwang wok is generously sized to stir-fry meals for up to 6 hungry people.

The traditional round bottom design allows you to create a hot wok hay for tossing and frying ingredients at high heat while keeping them in motion, just like cooking with a commercial jet burner wok range.

From searing crispy duck breast to flash steaming fish fillets, this wok pan provides fast, even heating with its hand hammered carbon steel body. It’s ideal for gas and electric coil stovetops.

Easy Seasoning and Maintenance

While the wok comes with a protective coating, it will need seasoning before first use for non-stick cooking. Follow the simple seasoning instructions to create a natural non-stick patina.

With proper seasoning and regular care, your wok will provide a lifetime of delicious Asian meals. Hand wash gently after cooking, dry thoroughly, and rub with a thin coat of oil to prevent rusting.

The carbon steel will darken from use – this is normal and will not affect performance. Avoid abrasive cleaners which can damage the patina.

Bring the Authentic Restaurant Wok Experience Home

Great food starts with great tools. This Xiwang carbon steel wok set provides the perfect vessel for creating sizzling, flavorful stir fries and other Asian favorites.

The hand hammering technique used to craft each wok results in a durable, high performing pan that will be the go-to for all your Asian cooking needs.

Order the Xiwang traditional hand hammered wok today and enjoy the convenience of restaurant-quality meals from your own kitchen!


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