Discover the Ultimate Nightstand for Bedroom Style and Functionality with the Cyclysio 30 Inches Nightstand Set of 2



Make the most out of your bedroom space and upgrade your sleep experience with the innovative Cyclysio 30 Inches Nightstand Set of 2. Boasting clever space-saving design, versatile lift top, integrated LED lighting, and ample storage solutions – this high-quality bedside table set has everything you need to transform your bedroom into a relaxing yet functional sanctuary.

Innovative Lift Top Design Maximizes Your Space

The Cyclysio nightstand comes with a flexible lifting function with a reversible lift top, allowing you to lift the top on either the left or right side. The sturdy lift mechanism ensures the top stays up securely without slamming closed. You can use the lifted section as a raised surface for working, playing games, reading, and more. When lowered, it seamlessly blends to create a unified tabletop surface while revealing hidden storage space underneath.

Integrated Charging Station Keeps Devices Powered Up
No more hunting for spare outlets! This nightstand set comes built-in with a convenient charging station featuring 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. Simultaneously charge lamps, phones, tablets, and other devices – keeping all your bedside electronics juiced up and ready to use. The discreetly integrated ports allow for a clutter-free look.

Extra Tall Design Fits Perfectly Next to High Beds
With an extra tall height of 30 inches, this nightstand is an ideal complement to today’s tall beds in modern bedrooms. The tabletop lifts to an even greater height – making it easy to access items from your high bed. No more straining or uncomfortable reaching across the mattress! The spacious 17.7” x 11.8” surface also provides ample room for bedside necessities.

Stylish Modern Design Available in 20 Colors

Available in a spectrum of 20 vivid LED backlit colors, this nightstand set allows you to customize your room’s ambiance. Use the included remote to manually switch between hues or sync the colors to music rhythms with the Bluetooth app. Set a relaxing mood with soft blues or pinks, or liven up the room with energizing greens, purples and more. The sleek contemporary style looks great in any modern bedroom.

Abundant Storage for All Your Bedside Essentials
This storage-savvy nightstand provides everything you need to keep bedside clutter at bay. Two spacious drawers with felt lining offer room for books, glasses, remotes, and more. There’s a hidden open cubby under the lift top perfect for stashing private items or bulky items. The middle open shelf provides easy access storage ideal for your bedside lamp, alarm clock, or other gadgets you frequently use.

High Quality Materials and Easy Assembly
Constructed from engineered wood in a smooth white finish, this nightstand set combines the best of both worlds – durable materials and a sleek look. All necessary hardware, tools, and detailed instructions in included for straightforward assembly. Each tabletop can hold up to 50 lbs evenly distributed.

Transform Your Bedroom with the Cyclysio Nightstand’s Innovative Features:

Space-Maximizing Reversible Lift Top
Integrated Charging Station with 5 Ports
Extra Tall 30 Inch Height
20 Color LED Backlight Options
Abundant 3-Tier Storage Solutions
Quality Construction and Easy Assembly
Set of 2 Provides Style and Function for Both Sides of Bed
Give your bedroom the storage, style, and functionality it deserves with the Cyclysio 30 Inch Nightstand Set of 2. The innovative space-saving lift top design, integrated lighting, and multi-level storage compartments keep all your bedside necessities organized and easily accessible – helping create a bedroom environment tailored to your needs. Available in a range of contemporary color options to match any bedroom style and decor.


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