Discover the Perfect TV Stand for Any Space with the ECHOGEAR Replacement Bracket



Is your current TV stand wobbly, unsightly, or just plain frustrating to deal with? Search no more for the perfect solution, because the ECHOGEAR Replacement TV Stand is here to save the day. This innovative TV bracket offers unrivaled versatility, stability, compatibility, and elegance to transform the way you showcase your beloved flat screen.

With its clever foldable design, this bracket adapts to fit narrow furniture, tuck into corners, or mount flush on a wall. So whether you have a cozy media console, want a corner mounted TV, or prefer a minimalist wall mounted look, this mount gets the job done. No more wrestling to squeeze your TV into an imperfect space or settling for a less-than-ideal setup.

The frustrations don’t end there either. What good is a new TV if you can’t even trust it to stay upright on its rickety stock stand? Worry no more, the angled feet on this replacement bracket provide a wide, stabilizing footprint so you can say goodbye to tipsy TV stands once and for all.

Finding the right hardware to install your TV should be easy, but often ends up being a headache. Not with the ECHOGEAR stand, which includes a variety of screw sizes (M4, M6, M8) to accommodate TVs with different VESA mounting patterns. Extensive VESA compatibility from 200x100mm up to 600x400mm ensures we’ve got you covered.

Cluttered rooms and unsightly TV brackets ruining your clean interior design vision? No problem, this low-profile mount neatly folds away when not in use for a streamlined, minimalist look. With mount compatibility for 32″ to 65″ TVs, now you don’t have to sacrifice your interior design ideals to properly display your TV.

Stability, check. Hardware compatibility, check. But what about keeping our furniture in pristine condition? Begone pesky scratches and skids, the ECHOGEAR replacement stand comes with anti-slip pads to grip furniture tightly and prevent surface scratching. Now you can protect your furniture investment while enjoying TV viewing bliss.

Our Minnesota-based product team assembled years of mount design experience into creating this bracket, aiming to solve all the pitfalls and frustrations TV owners commonly face. Thoughtful design packed with problem-solving features, made right here in the USA.

Experience the thrill of simple TV mounting with our 5 star rated ECHOGEAR replacement TV stand:

Key Features

  • Fits TVs 32″ to 65″ up to 65 pounds
  • Foldable design mounts in corners or on narrow furniture
  • Wide VESA compatibility from 200×100 to 600x400mm
  • Includes variety of screws for different VESA patterns
  • Angled feet provide stability and prevent tipping
  • Anti-slip pads protect furniture from scratches
  • Low profile hides away when TV is mounted on wall
  • Easy 3-step installation with included hardware
  • 5-year warranty plus US-based customer support

Our customers love how this bracket solved all their TV mounting frustrations:

“This mount is perfect for keeping my TV securely in the corner and out of the way. Setup was a breeze and now my TV sits flush in the corner looking like it was made to be there.” – John S.

“No more searching for studs to mount my TV, this stand fits perfectly on my media console and the anti-slip pads keep it from sliding around.” – Sarah L.

“I was about to return my new TV because the cheap plastic stand was so wobbly. This replacement stand gave me the peace of mind that my expensive TV is secure.” – James R.

Don’t waste another minute battling an unstable, improperly mounted TV. The ECHOGEAR Replacement TV Stand solves it all! Click Add to Cart now to experience simplified TV mounting.


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