DINMO 6 Cubes Storage Organizer Shelf Cabinet with Mallet for Bedroom Bathroom Office



If your home always feels cluttered no matter how much you try to organize, it may be time to get strategic with your storage solutions. The DINMO 6 Cubes Storage Organizer Shelf is the perfect way to neatly store all your household items and keep your rooms looking tidy. This versatile organizer features six 11.8″ cubes that give you the flexibility to customize your storage needs in any room.

Smart Storage for Any Room

Each cube on the DINMO storage organizer provides ample room to corral all kinds of items. Use the cubes in your bedroom to store sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans. In your bathroom, they are ideal for holding towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Put them in your home office to neatly file away books, documents, and office supplies. The possibilities are endless!

The six cube organizer is perfect for placing beside a sofa or next to your bed for easy access to your stuff. It also works well positioned on a desk or dresser. Wherever you decide to put it, this storage rack creates smart, dedicated spaces to keep household items orderly.

Customizable to Your Storage Needs

Each of the six cubes provides 11.8 cubic inches of storage capacity. This is plenty of room for folded garments, toys, art supplies, or whatever else you want to neatly store. The cubes are ideal for using with 11-inch fabric bins (sold separately) to further organize your stuff. Labels on the bins make it easy identify what’s inside.

The modular cubes can be arranged in whatever configuration works best for your storage needs. Stack them vertically to create a tower for compact storage beside furniture. Position them in a 2×3 grid for a wide organizer that can sit atop a dresser. You can even use just a few cubes in different areas around your home.

High Quality Construction Built to Last

Built with longevity in mind, the DINMO organizer shelf features a sturdy powder coated steel frame with thick, durable plastic paneling on the cubes. The steel frame provides rock-solid stability so you can confidently fill the cubes without worrying about the shelf buckling or collapsing.

The non-woven fabric surface on the cube panels make it easy to wipe away dust and dirt. No need to worry about spills or stains! Thoughtful details like smooth rounded corners on the cubes and protective foam pads on the bottom panel prevent scratches on your floors.

Each cube can hold up to 22 pounds. The organizer shelf is also equipped with two anti-tipping kits for extra stability when you have heavier items stored. This high-quality construction ensures the storage organizer will last for many years.

Easy Assembly – Ready to Use in Minutes

Putting together this storage rack is quick and simple thanks to the innovative modular design. The cubes securely stack together with interlocking panels that easily slide into place. Number labels on each section help guide you through the intuitive assembly process.

A rubber mallet is even included to help tap the cubes snugly into place. Once assembled, the entire organizer measures 23.6″ long x 11.8″ wide x 47.3″ high. With easy step-by-step directions, you’ll have this storage shelf ready to use in minutes – no tools required!

Get Organized with DINMO

If you need to add storage anywhere in your home, the DINMO 6 Cubes Organizer Shelf is the perfect solution. The simple yet versatile design with customizable cubes lets you optimize your organization in any space. High-quality materials and secure construction ensure this storage rack remains sturdy for years of use.

Stop wasting time searching through piles of disorganized clutter. Get your home neat and tidy with the DINMO organizer shelf!


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