Design Toscano Sixteenth-Century Italian Globe Bar Cabinet – Elegant Handcrafted Wooden Drink Cart for Whiskey, Wine and More



Transport your home bar to the golden age of exploration with the Design Toscano Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar Cabinet. This one-of-a-kind piece brings Old World charm and antique allure to any space. Perfect for whisky, wine, port and more, this wooden bar cart provides sophisticated storage and serving for spirits and glassware.

Handcrafted from solid hardwood and composite wood, this stunning globular bar cabinet epitomizes refined Renaissance style. Its antiqued sepia finish and hand-applied vintage map detailing give the impression of a weathered relic fresh from Magellan’s study. Sturdy wooden legs and smooth rolling casters make it easy to move wherever the party goes.

With a 22-inch diameter sphere mounted atop a sleek rectangular base, this compact liquor cabinet adds bold visual impact without dominating your room. The top half of the globe unlatches to reveal neatly organized storage for bartender tools, glassware and bottles. Two door compartments underneath provide room for extra inventory and accessories.

Versatile Storage for Glassware, Decanters and More

The top half of the globe lifts open to neatly store:

6 to 8 wine glasses or cocktail glasses
Several liquor bottles or decanters
Bar tools like corkscrews, jiggers and stirrers
The two cabinet doors on the base open to provide room for:

Extra bottles of spirits, vermouth, bitters, etc.
Barware like shakers, strainers and muddlers
Back up glassware
Ice buckets, coasters and other accessories
With customizable storage options, this bar cart cabinet can hold everything you need to mix, shake, stir and serve drinks in style. The compact footprint fits spaces large and small, making it perfect for home bars and kitchens.

Vintage-Inspired Design Evokes Renaissance Era Exploration

This Design Toscano liquor cabinet brings antique allure to modern home bars. Its distinctive globular shape and vintage map detailing are inspired by 16th century cartography and the Age of Discovery.

The antique sepia finish gives the hardwood and MDF composite a timeworn look, like an ancient map that has survived centuries of handling. The globe surface is decorated with decoupage vintage maps and nautical motifs that provide an intriguing Old World feel.

Mounted on a simple hardwood base, this vintage globe liquor cabinet has the elegant practicality of Renaissance furnishings. Subtle wood graining adds organic depth and dimension. With its unique combination of visual intrigue, refined style and utilitarian storage, this mobile bar cart evokes the scholar’s cabinets once found in the libraries of learned Renaissance men.

Practical Home Bar Cart Easy to Use and Move

This Design Toscano replica antique globe bar cleverly combines distinctive style and practical everyday use. With compact storage and smooth mobility, it’s designed to serve drinks in style anywhere in your home.

The top globe opens with the latch of two metal clasps. Simply lift the top meridian to access to your barware and bottles. Two wooden doors on the base open to neatly organize extras below.

Smooth-rolling casters allow you to move the cart between rooms or follow the party throughout your home. Locking casters keep it securely in place once positioned. With a lightweight 21 pound composite construction, it maneuvers with ease.

The cabinets offer versatile storage you can customize as needed. Glassware secures neatly into the globe, while the cabinet interior provides flexible room for all your bar accessories and backup inventory.

Easy assembly instructions and hardware are included so you can have your vintage globe bar ready to serve drinks in no time.

Italian-Inspired Details

Authentic details give this handsome piece true Italian Renaissance styling, including:

Distressed antique sepia finish
Decoupage panels depicting vintage maps, compasses, celestial motifs
Renaissance-era font detailing
Arched glass cabinet doors and legs for an authentic look
Hinged upper sphere inspired by antique armillary spheres
Latched opening replicating explorer’s cabinets
As an Italian-made replica, this globular bar cart brings the essence of Mediterranean style to your home bar design. The handsome map details and nautical styling lend an air of old-world adventure. Friends and guests will be intrigued by its clever design and impressed with your refined taste.

Make a Statement in Any Room

This striking Renaissance-style liquor cabinet provides sophisticated drink storage while creating a visually stunning focal point. The handsome vintage detailing makes a refined impression without appearing opulent.

Place beside a leather armchair in the den to create an elegant gentleman’s lounge. Let it add bold flair to the dining room to inspire conversation over after-dinner drinks. Or make it the centerpiece of your kitchen bar area to infuse exotic globetrotting vibes.

The compact 22-inch diameter sphere has a smaller footprint than traditional bar carts, allowing it to fit in tighter spaces. Wherever you place it, the Design Toscano replica globe cabinet brings intriguing vintage styling that ignites the imagination.

Rolling casters allow you to conveniently relocate it for parties, movie nights or anytime you want easy access to your home bar. Lock the wheels when positioned to prevent accidental movement as you restock and refill it.

Create Your Own Speakeasy

Bring 1920s speakeasy sophistication to your home bar with this striking replica vintage liquor cabinet. The handsome antique styling provides an alluring 1920s vibe for mixing classic cocktails in secret sophistication.

Fill the globe with vintage glassware, artisanal bitters and your best single-malt Scotch and rye whiskey. Stock the cabinet below with vermouth, Campari and your favorite Prohibition-era spirits.

When friends arrive, simply roll the atmospheric bar cart into the living room or music room. Unlatch the globe as guests murmur in delight over your intriguing antique find. They’ll be transported back in time as you shake, stir and serve historic cocktails.

The Design Toscano globular bar cabinet makes a dramatic centerpiece for creating your own atmospheric speak easy at home. Friends will be intrigued and delighted as you bring the cocktail culture of a bygone era to life.

Give an Old Map New Purpose

This clever vintage globe bar cart gives new life to treasured old maps and nautical artifacts. The cabinet surface is decorated with decoupage sections of antique maps, star charts and compasses, providing a fascinating decorative effect.

Have an old map that’s meaningful to you or your family history? Make a custom version using decoupage or wood burning to personalize it with cartography that’s significant to you.

Add your hometown, ancestral village, favorite travel destination or other special place. Mark important dates like births, weddings or milestones. Inscribe your family name or military service details. The possibilities for personalization are endless.

Refresh and revitalize your antique maps and give them a practical new purpose as decoration on your own custom liquor cabinet. Your personalized details will make it a true vintage heirloom.

Versatile Style Blends With Any Decor

With its warm sepia antique finish and decorative vintage maps, this globular bar blends beautifully into a variety of design aesthetics. The versatile piece feels right at home in traditional or global-inspired spaces.

In cozy cottage style homes, it adds sophisticated storage for craft spirits and artisanal glassware. For urban lofts and contemporary spaces, it infuses bold texture with its decoupaged map motifs.

The handsome Renaissance-era style also pairs nicely with other traditional furnishings. Placed beside rich leathers and wood tones, its historic character feels refined yet comfortably livable.

Vintage cartography maps lend a dash of wanderlust and adventure. Display it in a world travel-themed room alongside souvenirs and photography from faraway places. Guests will delight in its evocation of globetrotting allure.

However you style your home, this antique-looking liquor cabinet makes a striking yet versatile statement piece. With distinctively clever design and decorative detail, it’s sure to be a conversation starting focal point that gets people gathering ’round your home bar.

Start Your Own Vintage Collection

The Design Toscano replica Renaissance globe bar makes a stunning start piece to an antique home bar collection. With its distressed antique finish and decorative throwback map detailing, it sets the perfect vintage tone.

Over time, keep adding to your old-world bar theme with items like:

Glassware with elegant shapes and patterns
Decanters and serving bottles with vintage silhouettes
Antique-looking prints, signage and bar tools
A Persian rug, Chesterfield sofa or tufted leather chairs
Rich wood end tables, bookcases and cabinetry
Gentlemen’s accessories like snifters, cigars and pipes
Creating your own themed collection is an enjoyable pursuit that allows self expression. Scout tag sales, antique shops and flea markets for unique additions that appeal to you and build over time.

With each new find, your vintage bar design will come alive even more. Friends will be envious of your well curated home bar with old souls and rich stories to tell.

Let this Renaissance-style liquor cabinet be the storied centerpiece that brings your vintage vision to life. Guests will adore your antique world of spirits as you gather and share tales imbued with nostalgic sentiment.

Add Intrigue to Any Event or Gathering

With its eye catching shape and antique styling, this decorative bar cart makes a fabulous conversation piece for bringing intrigue to any party or event.

Roll it out for game day get togethers, poker nights, Kentucky Derby viewing and other occasions with friends. Watch guests gravitate toward it as they inspect and discuss the unique vintage detailing.

For sophisticated soirees, use it as a serving station for wine, Champagne and specialty cocktails. The exotic shape and map motifs add an element of worldly adventure to your decor.

At holiday parties, fill it with eggnog, wassail and other festive sippers for guests to enjoy. For New Year’s Eve, stock it with bubbly and let the celebrations flow into 2023!

For intimate gatherings, place near the fireplace to create an enchanting old-world atmosphere as you sip whiskey and share stories into the night. The evocative style sparks nostalgia and camaraderie.

However you use it, this mobile liquor cabinet adds an intriguing focal point that gets people connecting and conversing. The antique charm takes any gathering to the next level, giving even casual get togethers a touch of sophisticated flair.


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