DecoBros 360° Swivel 7X Magnification Dual-Sided Wall Mount Mirror – 8″ Diameter with 13.5″ Extension Arm (Matte Nickel)



Get ready in style with the DecoBros dual-sided 8-inch circular wall mount mirror. Featuring a contemporary matte nickel finish, this wall mirror adds a touch of elegance to any space while providing optimal viewing for applying makeup, styling hair, shaving, and more.

Glance at Your Reflection from Any Angle

The smooth, 360-degree swivel design allows you to adjust the DecoBros wall mirror to your ideal viewing angle. Whether you’re sitting or standing, you can easily rotate the mirror to see yourself from all sides. No need to strain your neck or contort your body just to see the back of your head!

7X Magnification for Precision

One side of the mirror provides 1X magnification for a standard reflection. Flip the mirror over to utilize the 7X magnification perfect for precise application of makeup and inspection of fine details. The high magnification makes it easy to get your eyeliner just right or tweeze stray brows.

13.5″ Extension Arm Adds Flexibility

While many wall mount mirrors have a fixed position, the DecoBros design features a 13.5-23.3 inch extension arm that pivots from the wall. This allows you to adjust the distance of the mirror to suit your needs. Pull the mirror close when using the 7X magnification side or extend it farther away when checking your full reflection.

Sturdy Wall Mount for Long-Lasting Use

The secure wall mount backing and robust extension arm provide durability you can rely on. Once mounted, this hardware can hold up the mirror steadily in place. No more dealing with rickety, unstable mirrors!

Sleek Circular Profile

The round 8-inch diameter mirror gives you a generous viewing area without taking up too much wall space. The circular shape adds aesthetic appeal to any bathroom, bedroom, or dressing area.

At a Glance:

  • Dual-sided 8” diameter mirror
  • 1X and 7X magnification options
  • 360° swivel rotation
  • 13.5”-23.3” extension arm
  • Matte nickel finish
  • Wall mounting hardware included

Experience the Convenience of a Dual-Sided Magnifying Mirror

Having two magnification options in one mirror is extremely convenient. The 1X side allows you to do your overall grooming and the 7X side makes precision work a breeze. There’s no need to keep two separate mirrors on your vanity!

The 7X magnification is ideal for:

  • Applying eyeliner and mascara
  • Filling in brows
  • Adding lip liner
  • Plucking hairs
  • Removing splinters
  • Tweezing or waxing
  • Checking for imperfections
  • Styling beard and mustache hairs

The 1X side is perfect for:

  • Doing your entire makeup look
  • Styling and inspecting your hair
  • Getting dressed
  • Putting in contacts
  • Checking your full appearance before leaving

Having both magnified and regular viewing capabilities means you won’t have to buy separate speciality mirrors. The DecoBros dual-sided swivel mirror provides everything you need!

Flawless Makeup Application Every Time

With the 7X magnification, you’ll be able to master flawless makeup application. Line your lips perfectly symmetrical or extend your eyeliner into the ideal winged cat eye. The high magnification shows even the smallest flaws so you can conceal blemishes and tidy up eyebrows for a polished look.

Perfect Your Skincare Routine

While you may think your face looks clean in a regular mirror, the 7X magnification highlights any dry patches, leftover makeup, or peach fuzz you missed. Use the DecoBros mirror to remove blackheads safely, inspect if your masks and scrubs are working, and evaluate if it’s time for eyebrow shaping.

Smooth Barbershop-Quality Shaves

Shaving is so much easier when you can see every facial hair. The 7X mirror acts like a magnified barbershop mirror so you can achieve a close, smooth shave every time. Eliminate nicks, spots you missed, or uneven areas.

Style Strands with Precision

Styling gel, hairspray, and a 1X mirror can take you most of the way, but the 7X magnification helps you polish off a style. See if your part is straight, tame flyaways or frizz, and spot stray strands sticking out. The high magnification allows you to inspect the back and sides of your hairstyle for the perfect finish.

A Must-Have Vanity Mirror

The DecoBros swivel mirror is a must-have for any vanity or dressing table. The dual magnification, extension arm, and 360° swivel combine to create the ultimate grooming and application mirror. Mount it permanently on the wall or lean it on the tabletop when needed.

Wherever you choose to use it – bathrooms, bedrooms, dorm rooms, apartments, salons, and more – the DecoBros mirror combines convenience and style. The circular silhouette and polished nickel finish complement both classic and contemporary decor.

Give yourself the gift of perfect hair and makeup every single day with this game-changing magnified mirror!


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