Deco 79 London Telephone Booth Storage Shelf – Vintage 3-Tier Unit for Stylish Home Décor



Bring a touch of classic London charm into your home with the Deco 79 telephone booth storage shelf. This creatively designed unit combines the iconic English red phone booth look with modern interior decor functionality. With its vintage theme and practical storage space, this shelf is sure to become a beloved decorative feature in any room.

Charm and Utility in One Nostalgic Piece

This Deco 79 London phone booth cabinet expertly blends both form and function. Its miniature telephone booth shape provides character and serves as a decorative accent, while the included shelves offer useful space to organize and display items. The vibrant cherry red exterior color is instantly recognizable, and the detailed gold accents and text plate with telephone symbols give the shelf an authentic British look.

With two shelves inside the “booth”, you can stylishly store books, collectibles, photos, plants, and more. The shelves provide room to creatively organize and exhibit your favorite knickknacks or rotating decor items for a personalized display. Or fill it with scented candles, framed photos, and faux florals to create a cozy vignette. Wherever you place it – on a console table, dresser top, bookcase, or mantle – this shelf makes a bold, eye-catching statement.

Quality Materials and Sturdy Construction

Built to last, the Deco 79 shelf is crafted from solid wood with an MDF structure. The cabinet and shelves are made from durable medium-density fiberboard, while the frame uses real wood for stability. The materials come together to form a sturdy, well-constructed storage unit that will maintain its integrity for years.

With a weight of over 26 pounds, this substantial shelf has the heft needed to securely hold your items without wobbling or tipping over. The wide rectangular base provides reinforcement to prevent leaning or collapsing. Two fixed shelves inside divided into three tiers give ample surface area for displaying decorations and knickknacks or stacking books and accessories.

Sleek Red Finish Evokes Nostalgia

Of course, the quintessential element of English telephone booths is the rich, red polished finish. This Deco 79 shelf has a smooth cherry red color that looks just like the iconic booths found on London streets. The lacquered paint has a glossy look while also resisting scratches, scuffs, and fading.

A matte black panel sits across the center of the shelf’s facade, representing the door you’d find on a real telephone booth. It features printed text and logos in a metallic gold paint, including the royal crest, “Telephone”, and “Public Call Box” wording. These precise details add a sense of authenticity while providing nostalgic appeal.

Compact Size Fits Anywhere

Measuring just 11 inches wide by 9 inches deep, this mini storage shelf doesn’t take up much room. Its compact rectangular footprint allows flexibility to use it in small spots and tight spaces. Place the shelf atop a console table behind your couch, on your dresser or nightstand surface, or even mounted to the wall.

Despite the small size, the tall 30 inch height creates presence and visual impact. The three-tiered interior layout takes advantage of the vertical storage space. You can freely open the front panel for easy access to the bottom and middle shelves. With versatile dimensions, this shelf brings big style wherever you put it.

Add Personality to Your Home Decor

Make a personalized design statement and infuse your home decor with creativity using this one-of-a-kind London telephone booth shelf. The iconic red color and English symbols give any room an instant nostalgic feel. Display your favorite items inside in a novel way or fill it with decorative objects to complement your style.

With both form and function, this shelf blends interior decor goals and practical organization. The durable wood construction and lacquered paint job keep it looking neat for years of use. Let your inner Anglophile run free and bring a touch of Britain to your home with the Deco 79 London telephone booth storage unit.


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