DB Tech 10x Magnification Vanity Mirror – See Every Gorgeous Detail



Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but with the DB Tech 10x Magnification Vanity Mirror, you’ll be able to behold every stunning detail like never before. This powerful magnifying mirror provides an ultra-crisp reflection that makes applying makeup, tweezing brows, shaving, and inspecting your skin a breeze.

Magnify Your Beauty Routine 10x

Tired of squinting into a tiny compact mirror as you precisely apply eyeliner? With 10x magnification, this mirror shows you every lash in sharp focus, so your cat eye comes out perfectly feline every time. Check out enlarged pores, fine lines, blemishes, and other skin concerns up close to properly treat them. With this handy magnified view, you’ll look beautiful and flawless even under the scrutinizing eyes of others.

Sleek Design Complements Any Decor

Measuring 8 inches wide, this mirror features a slim profile that saves space on your bathroom or bedroom wall. The sleek, round shape adds modern style to your vanity. The clear, distortion-free glass reflects a crystal clear image, while the white plastic frame blends into any decor.

Suction Cups Provide a Firm Grip

Thanks to the industrial-strength suction cups on the back, this mirror sticks securely to tiles, glass, granite, marble, wood, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces. Just wet the suction cups, position on your desired area, and press firmly to form a tight seal. The suction cups keep the mirror firmly in place and prevent slipping and sliding while you view yourself from all angles.

Tweeze with Precision

This mirror comes complete with a bonus pair of professional surgical tweezers featuring slanted, pointed tips ideal for plucking stray brows into perfect shape. The angled edges provide precision control so you can grab even the finest hairs. Shaped finger grips are covered in a pliable, rubberized coating to increase your grip and prevent hand fatigue during extended plucking sessions.

Enhance Your Makeup Application

With this magnifying mirror, you’ll apply makeup with expert precision. See every individual lash to coat perfectly with mascara. Define brows with microblading accuracy. Trace your lips in the perfect contour before filling them in. Blend foundation seamlessly into your hairline. With magnified vision, your makeup will look salon-perfect every day.

Upgrade Your Entire Beauty Routine

This 10x magnification mirror helps improve so many beauty routines beyond just makeup application. Tweeze and shape brows immaculately. Shave peach fuzz and fine hairs with incredible closeness. Inspect pores for blackheads and impurities. Examine your skin to find any blemishes or irritation. With this mirror, you’ll look amazing from head to toe.

Simple Installation in Seconds

Installing this magnifying mirror takes just seconds. Just clean the surface to remove any dust or oils. Wet the suction cups with water and position on your wall where desired. Press firmly for 30 seconds to create a strong vacuum seal. The suction cups hold tightly while allowing you to adjust the angle as needed. Enjoy hands-free use while getting ready.

The Perfect Vanity Mirror

With 10x magnification, a wide 8-inch viewing area, and a slim, modern profile, this is the ultimate contemporary vanity mirror. The suction cup installation lets you mount it on any smooth, flat surface for convenience wherever you get ready. Enjoy detailed, ultra-magnified views as you apply makeup, tweeze, shave, and evaluate your skin. This is a must-have beauty tool for anyone who wants to look their absolute best.

Magnify and Beautify Any Flat Surface

Thanks to the industrial strength suction cups, you can stick this high-powered magnifying mirror just about anywhere. Mount it on your bathroom or bedroom wall for daily beauty routines. Adhere it inside your locker at school or the office for quick touch-ups. Stick it to your travel trailer, camper, or RV to maintain your beauty regimen on the go. Wherever you need a magnified reflection, this mirror provides it.

Complete Your Makeup Kit

Take your makeup game to the next level by adding this magnifying mirror to your collection. Use it alongside your makeup brushes, beauty sponges, facial cleansers, tweezers, and other cosmetics to create stunning looks. With this mirror, you’ll expertly apply primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, and lipstick. It’s the perfect tool for blending, sculpting, and defining.

DB Tech Products for Confident Beauty

DB Tech creates innovative mirrors and lighting solutions designed to help you look and feel your best. With magnification options from 5x to 10x, we provide the ideal clarity for flawless makeup application, skincare inspection, precision tweezing, and more. Our LED lighted collection illuminates your face brilliantly so you never miss a detail. Pamper yourself with our fine selection of bathroom accessories.

Bring out your inner diva with the DB Tech 10x Magnification Vanity Mirror. This powerful magnifying mirror reflects a clear, detailed image so you can perfect every makeup and grooming task. The suction cup design mounts securely to any nonporous surface. Tweeze, shave, blend, sculpt, and inspect your skin like a pro. With magnification this amazing, you’ll look absolutely fabulous!


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