DAJITRE Sleek and Stylish 1.8 Gallon Slim Profile Trash Can – Perfect for Small Spaces



Tired of bulky trash cans that take up too much space? Introducing the DAJITRE 1.8 Gallon Slim Trash Can, the perfect wastebasket solution for small spaces. With its narrow 7.8 inch diameter and modern slim profile, this small trash can easily fits into tight spots and narrow openings in your bathroom, bedroom, office, dorm room, RV, apartment, condo, and more.

Despite its compact size, the DAJITRE slim trash can delivers ample 1.8 gallon/6.8 liter capacity and convenient trash disposal. The cylindrical shape and smooth rim make tossing waste quick and easy. Just pop off the lid and toss your trash right in without any fuss. No more struggling to cram trash through a narrow opening or angling waste just right to get it into an overly small bin.

This space-saving wastebasket features a simple yet stylish screw thread shape design (US Granted Patents NO:D969436S) that adds visual interest and gives it a refreshingly modern look. The sleek shape and clean lines blend seamlessly into any contemporary home or office decor. Available in classic black, this slender trash can looks stylish in any setting from modern bathrooms to cozy bedrooms.

In addition to its slender silhouette and aesthetic appeal, the DAJITRE slim bin offers exceptional durability and convenience. Constructed from super-strong polypropylene plastic, this wastebasket withstands daily use without cracking, fading, rusting, or showing wear and tear. The smooth surface wipes clean easily with just a damp cloth, keeping the bin looking like new.

The DAJITRE 1.8 Gallon Trash Can delivers an effective recycling and waste management solution for limited spaces. Keeping trash neatly contained encourages tidier rooms and helps prevent random litter. Place this bin in a bedroom for discarded tissues and wrappers. Put it in a bathroom for cotton balls, q-tips, and other bathroom waste. Use it in a home office for scraps of paper, sticky notes, and other office refuse. The slim cylindrical shape fits perfectly next to nightstands, desks, counters, toilets, and other tight spots.

With its combination of ample capacity, ultra-slim footprint, stylish design, and durable polypropylene construction, the DAJITRE Slim Trash Can is the ideal wastebasket for small space waste management. Take out the trash regularly without cluttering up your rooms. Toss waste easily without struggling to wedge trash into an undersized bin. And do it all with a modern, visually appealing trash can made to last.

Bring sleek, space-saving waste disposal to your bathroom, bedroom, dorm room, office, RV, apartment, and anywhere you need a compact yet functional trash can. The slender DAJITRE bin fits where many other wastebaskets don’t, giving you convenient garbage removal without hogging up valuable room space.

Sleek, Streamlined Look

Make a stylish statement while taking out the trash. The DAJITRE Slim Trash Can features a sleek, streamlined cylindrical shape with a modern screw thread design. This gives it a refined, contemporary look that blends seamlessly into any home or office decor. The slim silhouette and clean lines complement bathrooms, bedrooms, dorm rooms, offices, RVs, apartments, and other spaces with limited capacity. With its understated yet elegant aesthetic, this trash can suits any style from modern to classic.

Space-Saving Dimensions

One of the top benefits of the DAJITRE Slim Trash Can is its ultra-compact footprint. Measuring just 7.8 inches in diameter and 10 inches high, this is one of the most slender wastebaskets on the market. The narrow shape allows this bin to squeeze into tight spots most regular trash cans cannot fit. Tuck it beside a toilet or sink, slide it under a desk or nightstand, or place it in any confined nook. This wastebasket conveniently fits where you need it without hogging up valuable floor space.

Ample 1.8 Gallon Capacity

Don’t let the compact silhouette fool you – the DAJITRE Slim Trash Can boasts an impressive 1.8 gallon/6.8 liter capacity. This provides ample room for trash, recycling, bathroom waste, office scraps, and other garbage. The modern screw top lid removes easily for quick, hassle-free disposal. Just pop it off and toss in trash without spilling or making a mess. Forget struggling to wedge waste into a tiny bin. This slim can handles daily garbage needs with room to spare.

Durable Polypropylene Construction

Built from durable polypropylene plastic, the DAJITRE Slim Trash Can is made to last. The tough polypropylene material withstands cracking, fading, and damage from daily use. Compared to rubber, cloth, or other materials, polypropylene offers superior durability and resilience. Even with frequent daily use, this bin maintains its sleek appearance without showing scratches, scuffs, or other signs of wear. No rusting, peeling, or rotting like some cheaper bins.

Easy Cleaning

Life gets messy – but cleaning this wastebasket couldn’t be simpler. The smooth polypropylene surface wipes clean with just a damp cloth. No need for heavy-duty cleansers or scrubbing. Simply use a wet rag to wipe away minor messes and dirt buildup to keep your slim trash can looking like new. The non-porous material doesn’t absorb liquids or odors either. Just wipe clean and this bin smells fresh.

Conveniently Portable

Move waste disposal wherever you need it. Weighing just one pound, the DAJITRE Slim Trash Can can be carried effortlessly in one hand. The lightweight build and narrow shape make it easy to transport this can anywhere convenient trash disposal is needed. Carry it from the bedroom to office to bathroom. Take it along in an RV or dorm room. Or pack it for picnics and travel. This portable slim bin provides waste management anywhere, anytime.

Ideal for Small Spaces

This slender trash can comes in handy for waste management in confined spaces:

Bathrooms – Sit discretely beside the toilet to stash cotton balls, tissues, dental flossers, and other bathroom waste out of sight. Fits perfectly in powder rooms.

Bedrooms – Looks sleek next to nightstands for tissues, headphone wrappers, and other bedroom refuse. Ideal for studio apartments and dorms.

Offices – Slides under desks and next to file cabinets to handle discarded paper scraps, sticky notes, and more. Great for cubicles.

Campers/RVs – With limited space, the compact DAJITRE bin stores waste neatly off of floors and counters.

Apartments/Condos – No more bulky cans cluttering up apartments. This bin provides ample waste capacity even in tight living quarters.


  • Dimensions: 7.8″ diameter x 10″ high
  • Capacity: 1.8 gallons/6.8 liters
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Material: Polypropylene Plastic
  • Finish: Black

Ditch the bulky trash cans and revolutionize waste management in tight home and office spaces. With its ultra-slim silhouette and ample 6.8 liter capacity, the DAJITRE 1.8 Gallon Slim Trash Can enables convenient, space-saving waste disposal. Its sleek modern style looks great beside toilets, under desks, next to counters, in dorms, or anywhere you need effective trash and recycling containment in a compact footprint.


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